Tuesday, May 15, 2007


So, the last few nights have been interesting... actually the last few days have been random in many sense. Of course true to my nature I've forgotten a lot of what would have happened, but what is fresh in my mind right now is that this morning i wake up to realize that i stepped on my phone sometime the night before! Which is needless to say disappointing because in the last two days I had been quite proudly admitting to people (when they started flashing their fancy new mp3 camera phones with.... built in TV's? i don't know, nice new ones) that my phone was still old free bee from a time gone by when i first got a cell phone plan, and it was old, beat up, but still a tank.

I guess you can't step on tanks.

Anyways, so that'll be my main objective for today, which will be to go and find a new phone. I think I'll betray my inner convictions on this one and get a nice new one too, like those razers.

Anyways! What else is fresh on my memory.

Nothing else! Other than some movies I've watched lately, but those aren't interesting to talk about on Blogs.
I work Graveyard shift next weekend, OH! and also next weekend is this Christian conference thing I'm going to, called "Avalanche", and Jason Upton is speaking! haha sweet eh? So, I'm hoping I don't work on that day.

Thats it for now I think.

Thursday, May 10, 2007


Yikes... today I had a crazy Stress out attack, not insane... but i started to get these horrible anxieties about the future... Can people really hear their calling? Of course... Did I hear my calling? Well... I was so sure, but now I'm terrified.
God please... help me with that? comfort me? Speak to me more? haha some MORE conformation? mabye? Please show me that I'm not insane.

What should I do to figure this out? To find the direction?
What should my first step be?

Anyways, Rise against is good, listening to that right now. Man, I really don't have enough in my mind to write about right now... let alone people reading the blog haha, oh well.

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

"Why being really lonely is sometimes super awesome"

It figures eh? I've been back for about 3 weeks now and when it comes to updating the blog (or journal for that matter... yikes, I haven't touched that since NZ, so much for my everyday streak)
I have no idea what to say, or to write about.

Since I've been back I've been hanging out a lot with people such as Danny and Krystal a few times, not doing too much. I've been reading I guess... but mostly catching up with people. I went to a show the other week? haha which was awesome, man... news isn't exciting unless it's fresh.... so! Today,

Hmm... Today was a fun little experience, went to a casting call for extras in a CBC movie about the CPR... it's a romance with Sam Neil (Jurassic Park) hahah, anyways, I don't really expect too much from it, 18 year olds with Hippity hoppity hippie hair don't exactly carry the same look as the... nice? old men with crazy beards and full our costumes. Anyways, fun experience, BUT while I was there this guy talked to me and told me he was filming an Indie film and would like me to Audition apparently I had the "look" (Thank you Hippie hair!) So we'll see how that unfolds, but nonetheless it was cool.

Then ran into Alex Bird in the mall while I was looking for shoes that aren't quite
as... well used? as the ones i have now... anyways, this is boring, chilled there then ended my day after stuff. Done, and done.

Oh, the name of the blog is from a scrubs episode, I downlaoded it and was watching it as I wrote this, and lost all creativity for thinking of a name "If I wanted to be any more depressed i'd read newbies latest blog entry" "Why Being lonely is sometimes super awesome" heh...

I like scrubs, been watching that, and Heroes... yes Heroes.

Yikes, was this lame, BUT I needed to update.

Stay in the Game.