Friday, June 17, 2011

Stanley Cup

How disappointing... Soo many emotions during this playoff season. We do love our Canucks, bandwagon or no, it brought the Province together...

Well... haha then sharply separated it again.

However, blah blah, all BC media has reiterated this to death, but "how embarrassing was the riot aftermath". Exciting... but still disappointing and embarassing. First world problems. But I won't fill the blog with the overstated "Small group of morons" "anarchists", etc... No... it was a large group of morons, who love the spectacle and the idea that somehow they have a reason to "hate the system". That being said, I come to wonder if I would have immediately left the riot scene? or whether I would have been a bit fascinated by the spectacle... Would I have encouraged the monkeys by bringing out MY camera phone? It's easy to distinguish the "other" and become high and mighty and judge... but crowds are crowds, and I know I am easily moved by the enthusiasm of the masses...

We'll see how I react next year when we win :)

I don't know why they don't arrest that one guy in the picture you posted.
It has his name right on his shirt!
Man, criminals are stupid.

I know eh? such easy identification
Almost every picture I saw had that moron too
him and his friend Burrows

The egos on some people.
But we can't blame Luongo
as much as I see him
I've heard he can't stop anything.


Next year Canucks. Next year.