Sunday, December 30, 2007

Semi-what I'm up to?

Missing you all!

Today I skimboarded, and in previous days I've been surfing. Unfortunately, the surfing has made the front of my body raw, especially the nips, it's horrible, but it was worth it, Surfing wasn't great, not the most fun I've had doign it before, rainy and cold as well, BUT! IT WAS STILL FUN. Huzzah.

Been diving, and such, I don't think i'm tanned... but that'll be realized when I get home.

Tommorow I'm going to Kona to the YWAM base there, to visit some folk, that will be great.

I wish I had some photo's to show you all... not at the moment, there are a few on facebook.

I really do wish I could be with everyone right now, I'll see you soon.

Much Love and all that such

-Jon !

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas to everyone, that means YOU!

Although the actual day of Christmas is almost over, it's still nice to hear evening "Merry Christmas" wishes.

*Sigh.... and now the wolse season ends, the lights come down, and people stop anticipating and loving each other.   Focus goes on new years, and then when thats over.... it's a whole year until the best time of the year.

and in completly unrelated news

I still stand by the solid fact that "The Fellowship of the Ring" is my favorite of the Lord of the Rings movies.


Thursday, December 13, 2007

Chances are...

Edit: Whatever path I do take in the future... I want to reach a level of enough experience, whether it be in a career or just "life in general", where I can give good, honest advice to others. Maybe be a jerk while I'm at it, but still be respected, a "Dr. Cox" if you will (Mike).
Anyways... I think thats more important to me than purpose I think... having people to help, not only practically, but through wisdom. THATS the word I was looking for, wisdom.


Chances are that this is just a result of panic and stress over exams... perhaps it's a mixture of many things, but none the less, the feeling is here and it sucks....

Not knowing direction. The other night I lay awake in bed not able to sleep while my mind raced, unfortunatly sleep didn't exactly make it all go away. I honestly have no idea where i'm going. Sure i'm going to school... but for what? An arts degree? I don't know what I want to do with that... I could be a teacher sure, that'd be swell haha, but thats not the satisfying "dream come true" for me. I want to know what is right in life for me, I want to know my "calling" as it were.

Whatever, i'll stress about this on my own later on, I'm not depressed or anything haha far from it, I'm just confused. I try reminding myself that i'm still young, and quite a bit younger than people i might be comparing myself to who are "on the right path" but still... the worlds competitive, I just feel if i don't get a grip soon, then I'm going to fall.

In other much happier news, Cry of the Afflicted show last night, awesome, amazing, they are the best. Too bad you wern't there mike, missed you bud, next time. Next time.
Also, for those who may not know but possibly take a gander at this blog from time to time, This christmas/newyears/ ("Politically correct/irritating "holiday season?) I am going to Hawaii with the entire extended family and such. I'm really looking forward to it for obvious reasons, spending time with cousins who I havn't seen in years now due to my travels and such.

Well.... Final at tonight, I have no doubt in my mind that this blog was me trying to get away from it.... but back I go "cadre parties and single member pluralities" (it's as exciting as it sounds!!)

Saturday, December 08, 2007

Oh wow, and socks

hahaha, So last night I worked a 12 hour shift, (Today?) and got home at 12 noon.
Had my shower etc, and had a realy good idea of something to write a blog about... however i sat down on the couch with my computer and....

It is now 6:13pm

Lame, I hate sleeping, it made me forget my awesome blog subject. It was good enough to actually motivate me TO write another blog, I'm a few weeks behind.

New edit*

So, my socks are different sizes... they look exactly the same... except one is longer. Irritating, but what is worse!

...Is that i know that this same occurrence is due to happen again at least once more in the future....

I love my job

The snow is kind of trying to come back today.... not interesting. It's had it's chance, then it melted... I don't think so snow.

Also... I sprained my wrist at work the other day during my 12 hour shift.... and now it kills. Very Very Lame.