Tuesday, April 27, 2010


It's amazing when things coincide like this,

If anyone has been following the blog and my general uneasiness or thoughts in the past few posts, particularly the Australia focused one, then this makes sense.

"As I Lay Dying" posted a new sample of their new CD, coming out in a few weeks, the other day... and not only is it an amazingly catchy song, but the lyrics speak to exactly where I felt like I was at.

The song is "Parallels"

We are all comatose. We are overfed and under...undernourished, yearning for something more.
Never starving yet never quite satisfied. Carnal but without useful flesh or mind.

I am a walking contradiction that’s found consistency
consuming everything, all without producing sustenance.

In the parallels we struggle... struggle to upkeep, there is a better way for us to be set free.
From all it is we crave, there must be more to life than to simply stay alive... to simply stay alive.

We are not the same as I hope to show. There is a better way if we just let go.
We are not... we are not the same. We are not... we are not the same. Let go...

In the tension between devouring want or simple need
it’s clear the only lines between the ones we preserve.

We are not the same as I hope to show. There is a better way if we just let go.
We are not... we are not the same. We are not... we are not the same.
Let go.... We are not the same.

And in the parallels we struggle to upkeep,
there’s a better way for us to be... for us to be set free.
And in the parallels we struggle to upkeep ,
there’s a better way for us to be... for us to be set free.

On another note, I've seen "How I met your dragon" three times now... I think I need to hold off a bit haha, but I do genuinely enjoy that movie.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Feeling this

I don't have anything necessarily poignant to write about... but I thought I would still put something down, for continuities sake. Stagnant blogs get depressing after a while... disappointing? Infuriating?

Closing night for Sweeney tonight! One final show. It was (is?) fantastic, amazing show and I feel honoured that I got to consistently witness performers in this cast captivate me night after night.

Summer time is here, Okanagan summer, so obviously there is still snow up on the hills despite sweltering hot weather in the valley. This really is a cool place to live. Of course, with summer comes Blink 182 for me. Unfortunately Mike hasn't been around to blast it in the car with me, (on that note, if you catch this blog post, my condolences for your truck), but nonetheless, I have been cycling the Blink catalogue pretty consistently.

Well, that's not entirely true, I cycled the catalogue for a few days, then remembered how much I love this one in particular, and then listened to it almost on repeat for a couple days. Exam stress can make you do strange things apparently.

That being said, I realized after my Blink kick had started that in light of my computer being busted for a while, no CD player in my car, and all other factors, that I hadn't given the new Coheed and Cambria CD enough ear time. So I began that... and soon had another song that is quickly working it's way up my "25 most played" playlist.

Not necessarily as "listener friendly" as previous songs I've posted, but it is without a doubt my favorite song right now.

And a picture, just to keep up with the goals I've set for myself, and make the post flashier.
No relevance, it just makes me happy.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

"That time of year"


I have a funny feeling about exams this year... less panicked, which I'm sure is foolish. I should probably be a little bit more stressed, seeing as they are all next week, plus a final paper to be done.... but instead I'm writing a blog. I think with Sweeney, School, Work and more I've been putting too much on the mind to worry about just one thing, rather, it's a wonderful blend of all worries.

On the note of having too much things on the mind, I've made the long overdue decision to step back, and stop feeling like I need to have a control over my life. This is, of course, coming from a Christian standpoint, and it will take some work, catching myself when I want to hold the reigns, but overall I think it was a good decision. Now I need to read more.

I've felt like over the last few weeks my faith has been popping up at the forefront of my mind a lot... more so than average. Perhaps it's speaking with old YWAM friends... perhaps the fact that there are cast members in Sweeney to whome I pale in comparison in regards to strength of convictions, or maybe it's because I've started to catch my own hypocrisy in some of my day to day conversations... (I don't want to be a jerk). Regardless of what the source, I'm looking forward to being able to go back to Powers Creek on Saturday nights once Sweeney is done.
(However, Sweeney is pretty freaking awesome)

On the note of faith being at the forefront, had a good talk with a friend today at school about faith, in what started as a question about the "nature of the term infinity", turned into recapping some stories from outreach. I often tell people that my "Australia experience changed my life", which is absolutely true, however I constantly worry about the term "backslide" that we would hear so much about... Also, it unsettles me that the whole time in YWAM sometimes feels like a dream.

Well dang blog, if only you could respond. After all, you've keep record of all of this for a couple years now, what's your take?

Until blog responds, I'll have to listen to musicians who know how I'm feeling.
Hello old friend, ease my worried mind.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Girl Magazines and Evil

On hindsight, my "beard" didn't look nearly as good as I thought it did at the time... or at least, pictures would indicate as such.

I think the pride that many guys have in regards to their facial hair is similar to that of a mother's pride... "I made this... this grew because of me". Now, that probably isn't what goes through mother's minds when they look at their children, but humour me for the sake of the analogy.

Westside weekly published a Sweeney review. I loved it, my favorite quote was
"The production is superb, the play is bad. It may be brilliant, as often claimed, but it's evil" haha, awesome.

She continues,
"they weave the themes of obsession, demonism, violence, injustice, murder and cannibalism ever tighter and it's only resolved in vigilante justice at the cost of my favorite character's sanity".

Well, if that's not a bang on review, I don't know what is. On that note, come see the show!!

During intermission I've been reading Glamour magazines aloud to the cast... With every article, I'm slowly losing faith in humanity...

The year ended.
Last day of classes was Friday. Bittersweet though, as this past semester was one of the best I've ever had, mostly because of the company I was able to keep in between classes. Dan, Katie and Laura, I thank you.

And so passes another school year, what is the plan??
Oh, life...

"This song will change your life"- Garden State

Monday, April 05, 2010


Finally, after an intense week and first ring of shows, I have my first morning off in what seems like a long, long time.

Mythical Charge ended up in 78th place or something like that. Not bad at all, top 100, and we get a monetary prize ($25 or something along those lines)

Did go to a Good Friday service though, which was really good. The pastor (Troy) from my church (Powers Creek) spoke, which made the whole thing totally worth it. I love being able to listen to someone speak who I have so much respect for. His speaking is 98% of the reason I chose to attend powers creek in the first place after coming back from Perth, and I wouldn't have it any other way. He spoke about what Paul would have seen after denying in the courtyard. Refreshing not to have another "symbolism of the cross" sermon as per Good Friday usual, (not that those aren't important).

There is a marmot that has taken up residence in our yard, likely in the absence of Champ. I found myself, (alone, of course), yelling at it through the window going "Alan! Alan! Alan!..." as per the BBC commercial. It ran away when I got to the Steves. I don't know if that means it's name is Alan or Steve.

Also, saw Clash of the Titans matinee between work and Sweeney yesterday. Naturally I thought it was Oscar worthy.... *cough*
I'm starting to wonder if I'm becoming too cynical about movies. Granted, Titans deserved every rib that it gets, but it was still fun to watch I guess. I need to just enjoy these things rather than get all worked up over corny lines, bad special effects, and directors who get too caught up in "making a scene look super cooooool" vs. actually making a scene look good.

oh well

SONG! (Double win because I love this music video)