Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Hell Week

Halfway through "Hell Week".

Show is amazing, definitely the best one I've ever been in. Everything about it, just fantastic.

Otherwise life has been cruising along. Although every day is, naturally, newsworthy, I don't know if it necessarily passes as blogworthy.

Regardless, here is a picture

And a song.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Wilson, we have a problem...

Just watched Apollo 13 again, amazing movie.

It made me realise what a big Tom Hanks fan I am, I don't think I have ever not enjoyed one of his movies. Cast Away still makes me sad, which is somewhat embarrassing seeing as you get choked up about a volleyball... but I hold that "Cast Away" is held up entirely by "the song" in it. Beautiful. (However, I am also a "Movie score" nerd, so the music behind movies is a huge deal to me)

Back to Apollo 13, aside from my Tom Hanks admiration, the movie also made me wish that I was more "mathematically prone". Those folk at NASA are geniuses. I can't stand math... I wish I could, I wish it made sense, but it doesn't. I always struggled, and as a result, engineering or similar prospects were never a reality. Sure, sure I am prone to very abstract Philosophical thoughts... but could that get you to the moon? Mechanical Engineers, Physicists, they know where it's at. Brightest people on the planet. They are the ones who are boldly going where... only a select few have gone before.

What is Philosophy good for then? Well... a new favorite quote of mine comes from Plato's writing where Socrates says

"I am afraid that other people do not realize that the one aim of those who practice Philosophy in the proper manner is to practice for dying and death" Phaedo 64 a

Fair enough... he continues

Therefore, as I said at the beginning, it would be ridiculous for a man to train himself in life to live in a state as close to death as possible, and then to resent it when it comes?... Those who practice Philosophy in the right way are training for dying and they fear death least of all men" - Phaedo 67 e

I guess the moon will have to wait.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Dead Spiders

When I see dusty logging trucks that have no loads and are thus folded up, I like to think it looks like a giant dead spider being carried.

For those of you, (nobody), who reads my blog and hasn't yet been spammed on facebook, please watch this

The sun is out, Sweeney Todd is going well, and the semester is almost over. Despite the looming threat of deadlines and opening night, life is good.

On another note, I've been listening to Sirius Radio a lot lately, and now have a bit of a desire to be a radio DJ.... showing people music and then get paid to just talk? Amazing. However, it seems that most are already "figures" in culture before getting their shows... so first things first I guess....

On that note, here's a song, welcome to The Jon Arkle Show

Tuesday, March 09, 2010


Rest assured, I do study for my exams...
However, it seems whenever I blog it is an admission of guilt for the lazy crime of procrastination.

However, tonight was a procrastination that, as the credits roll, I feel like it was a nostalgic evening well spend, albeit a complete waste of time when I could have been reading my massive Bible of a book "The Complete Works of Plato".

Instead I re-watched "A Goofy Movie". I had seen a reference to it earlier last week, and it had been bugging me ever since "was it a good movie from my childhood? or just kind of 'there'". Well, I re-watched it, remembered it was a musical, and therefore loved it. Good ol' Goofy, Disney used to make such heartwarming films at a much more frequent pace... what happened?

On the note of musicals, saw the posters/billboard designs for "Sweeney Todd" yesterday, they look awesome! There is pie, with one of Sweeneys Razors in it, and a little sign that says "a little priest?". Blood too. Awesome.

Anyways, maybe time to read up on some Socratic Dialogues....? A-hyuck

Friday, March 05, 2010

Sad Wild Things

I forced myself to take a night for myself and watch a movie haha, to try to relieve the stress, there was no rehearsal, work, or homework to be done, so I took advantage of the occasion.

In lieu of that, I finally saw "Where the Wild Things are".... I can't tell if I liked it or not.. which is an unusual thing for me... usually I know that I don't like things.

The movie is visually beautiful, every shot I loved, the monsters, the sunsets, the forests and oceans. Awesome, particularly the scenes shot during "magic hour" when the sun is setting and it sets this nice warm gold glow, yea.. I was impressed with the filming.
HOWEVER, the movie didn't really have a storyline... the characters were good, you could see each one's insecurities, and it played out well how each one was a part of the main kid's own insecurities and fears... but that was kind of it, there was no development. It was just like taking a weird trip in this kids mind.
*Speaking of the kid, did anyone else notice the opening scene is of him killing a dog...? WILD

Overall, I think the movie should have been a horror... I knew it wasn't ever going to happen, but I kept wishing for some genuine tension when we thought that maybe the monsters would actually eat the kid. I think Where the Wild Things Are would have been better had it been mixed with... I don't know Lord of the Flies? Lets get those monsters pissed off eating children. Put some tension into the movie... I guess I'm just pining for a good ol' monster movie. Too many "there's a ghost, you just never see it" ones these days, I want creatures.

Final verdict? Still don't know. I had heard criticism about how "emotional" the movie was, but I really liked it for that... the goat thing character was breaking my heart the whole time, despite having no real development.
Good job for a 5 sentence book transferred into a movie though.

In other news,

Listen to that song in the previous post again.
(Good detective work Sherlock Crone)

Wednesday, March 03, 2010


I can only hope that the rapture would feel even half as amazing as this song makes me feel....

"New Classical" is a genre I guess... and I am sold. After hearing this song, I bought the entire CD, and I'm sure I will find my way into more...


Just close your eyes and listen to this...
I wanted to find a picture that I could say "Listen and look at this picture... But nothing I own can do it justice... Jordan, I might need your help here.

This song... completes me?

Yes, that's the term I wanted.