Saturday, September 29, 2007

Two things that have interested me.

I just (literally 3 min ago) witnessed about 30 little birds in a flock flying like WWI planes diving in two groups at a bigger bird who had obviously ... heh... ruffled their feathers. It was like watching a Snowbirds show.... except with little birds, perfectly flying together in big swooping arial combat with this bigger one. Really impressive

I was in Tim Hortons yesterday, one in Kelowna, and before getting something to eat (a bagel) I went to the washroom. In the washroom was a garbage can, with your classic brown paper towel, crumpled up as it had been used, half hanging out of the can. Why is this interesting? There was no paper towel dispenser in the washroom...

There we go, short and sweet, but at least it's something INTERESTING! hah!

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Stealing my attention

So, this English Writing blog of mine seems to be stealing my attention. I blame the fact that my prof makes it mandatory and gives us topics to write about. I think thats what makes it interesting to write though, the fact that i'm given a free playing field on whatever topic she throws at us.

But into other news! So yesterday I fell asleep in my car. Not while driving mind you, but it was still unexpected, at lunchish time I went to my car to switch up texts and low and behold, i sat down with my music playing and fell asleep! I panicked when I woke up for that horrible split second thinking i had missed class... not that it would have been a big deal? it just would have been annoying.

What else is point form?

I just attained... and in the same week satisfied a fierce addiction to The Office. Now i'm waiting for season 4, on Thursday.

okay, thats that, AND! Heroes on Monday was awesome... for all of you who do not watch heroes, you need to start now.

Yikes, what a horribly boring blog...... check out my School one for some other interesting musings i guess.... I think I did a better job at that one today, but thats with the help of Youtube and Streblo.

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Throwing things away

So, at my work there is a cleaning lady, she cleans the lunchrooms and the washrooms etc and does a very good job at it indeed. She comes in on graveyard, (which is my shift) and is working away very busily in the lunchroom where my shift leaves our bags and lunches etc, sometimes we'll come in to the room at lunchtime to find that while we were out she has come and gone.

Sometimes I find this out in ways less than desirable, for example, last weekend, she cleaned out the fridge... including my lunch, and there was no retrieving it in the garbage because she had replaced the bags.

Honest mistake, it happens I'm sure.

Yesterday however, (or last night... this morning? Whenever, the shift I just had)
I forgot one of my work gloves at my car, and before I went back to grab it, I got a nice new pair, sounds good, the old pair were getting old anyways. Well... I place the lone glove with my high vis. vest, which is on top of a cupboard where we all leave our bags etc, and go to work.
I come back, and the lunchroom has been cleaned, and my glove had been thrown out!!! Ridiculous, and again, no retrieving it because the garbage bags had been replaced.
No mercy, I can't leave my lunch in the fridge, nor my stuff on the cupboard.
I can't bring myself to an assumption that iIm being picked on.... however, that is irritating.

Next week it'll be my car keys or something of that nature.

Monday, September 17, 2007

Another Blog??

*Gasp, check this out, another blog!?

For English, (or more specifically "University Writing"), my prof has assigned quite an interesting.... assignment. Blog within 24 hours of each class, based on a topic given in class (usually a reflection of the day).

Anyways, as a result of it being school, that blog will be updated 3 times a week, and will more be focused on what I'm up to in class, BUT if it so tickles your fancy, then you can check it out.

(or if you don't want to type that out, you can go to my "profile" by clicking on my picture over there to your right, that'll take you to my "profile" where you can then see my 2 blogs, the school on is "This is what I think....")


(And I'll try to keep this one exciting with better comings and goings of life outside school... starting now?)

Thursday, September 06, 2007

avoid eye contact

Have you ever noticed the great lengths that strangers will go through, just to avoid making eye contact with someone walking towards them on the sidewalk?

Here's the scene.... a lonely sidewalk, two pedestrians (both human beings, both presumably able to speak) walking in opposite directions, towards each other. As the space between shortens, the awkwardness sets in.... neither speaks, and both frantically try to figure out how to pass the other... now if one is wearing sunglasses, this makes it much easier becuase you can do the "look past", otherwise some opt to do the "look away" some do the "quick eye contact, then look forward" and the little gem that I got the other day was someone who turned their head in the complete opposite direction.. towards a wall! Is someone walking towards you THAT intimidating?

None the less, I'm in College now, and it's school. There is too much, but not enough time in between my classes, so I'm trying to figure out how I should pass the time tomorrow. Philosophy is going to be an amazing class from first impressions, and I hope I'm right.... but I'm afraid the Prof might not like my arguments if I come to a topic such as "the existence of God" (term one). We'll see.

Macbook pro coming in the mail.... soon! ooh boy

I guess this week was the week that Steve Irwin passed away last year, so the discovery channel has been doing Croc. hunter specials. It's making me miss Australia a surprising amount.

I don't know what else to write about. Life is fun, confusing and sometimes I don't do it right, BUT it's fun.