Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Stealing my attention

So, this English Writing blog of mine seems to be stealing my attention. I blame the fact that my prof makes it mandatory and gives us topics to write about. I think thats what makes it interesting to write though, the fact that i'm given a free playing field on whatever topic she throws at us.

But into other news! So yesterday I fell asleep in my car. Not while driving mind you, but it was still unexpected, at lunchish time I went to my car to switch up texts and low and behold, i sat down with my music playing and fell asleep! I panicked when I woke up for that horrible split second thinking i had missed class... not that it would have been a big deal? it just would have been annoying.

What else is point form?

I just attained... and in the same week satisfied a fierce addiction to The Office. Now i'm waiting for season 4, on Thursday.

okay, thats that, AND! Heroes on Monday was awesome... for all of you who do not watch heroes, you need to start now.

Yikes, what a horribly boring blog...... check out my School one for some other interesting musings i guess.... I think I did a better job at that one today, but thats with the help of Youtube and Streblo.
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