Tuesday, November 23, 2010

"Everyone's thinking that these days"

It's frustrating to me that I can't seem to get through a day without getting incredibly stressed out about my future...
Where am I going... what am I doing with my life... What are my plans? What should my plans be?

I'm left with this really empty feeling consistently in my gut that I'm falling behind where I "should be" in life... but I don't know where that "should be" is... or how to get there...

what a dowwwnnneerrrrrr

At least the weather has been nice.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Remembrance Day

Lest we forget.

Laid the wreath today on behalf of Gorman Bros. at the Remembrance day ceremony, which was pretty cool. I was really moved that I was asked to do it by my Grandpa, when he could have easily asked someone who was higher up in the company, more specifically his son, or HIS son who also has the last name Gorman. Instead I was asked... pretty awesome.

That being said, standing with the rest of the wreath layers put me with the likes of MLA's, Mayors, and other "big names" so far as Westbank goes... Although I definitely am not of any significance in the community haha, it was cool to feel like I was rubbing shoulders with them.

Lots of formal shaking of the hands between these bigwigs, that's what I noticed. Must perfect handshake.

On another topic? This is for all you Harry Potter fans. The best work he's done.

Thursday, November 04, 2010

Two posts One day!

I just noticed that people have been commenting on old posts, and I haven't figured out how to have e-mail notifications on comments...
Anyways, "Anonymous" asked me a question regarding an post from a few weeks ago regarding "humility", and I gave a rather long winded answer which could almost act like a blog post in itself...
It can be read here, should anyone be interested/looking for a blog post that waxes philosophic versus talking about dead animals...


Laura: When I die, I want to have a funeral that was like the one in "Darjeeling Limited"
Jon: I haven't seen it, whats the funeral like?
Laura: Oh, everyone wears white and they set the body out to sea and burn it
Jon: So you want everyone to wear white? Or you want your body set out in a boat
Laura: Everyone wearing white.. well I guess both
Jon: We don't really have a sea... we have the lake? It that okay? Set you off from the bridge?
Laura: I think that would freak a lot of people out...
Jon: Yea... but we wouldn't be able to get you to the ocean... oh wait! There isn't a toll booth anymore! Oh never mind, I'll totally get your body to the sea!

What else are friends for. Always there for you (unless a toll is involved)

Also... on the morbid topic of death... I think Raccoons are the most tragic roadkill animal. Partly because when you see them lying there you forget how absolutely freaky they are when they are alive, weird little hunch, hissing away with it's creepy paws... messed up. Forget that they look like "bandits"... they don't really though do they, maybe if they looked like they were wearing a balaclava... but no bandit wears the "Robin" syle mask. (In case it wasn't assumed, I saw roadkill raccoon today... roadcoon?)
That being said, if they were the little "thief" animals, then should we be praising cars for taking them out? I guess not, that would be encouraging vigilantism. Leave crime fighting to the police.
You win this time raccoons.

(Well... that one didn't.)