Saturday, January 26, 2008

A Moose!

There is a Moose loose in my front yard!

It chased down the neighbors dog and trampled it! The thing ran away quick as can be after that.

Awesome.  Fun "After Graveyard" entertainment.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

In General

This semester is going well.   Classes are fine, Philosophy is great, metaphysics is a stretch, macro economics is the academic "Suck", and the commute is fine if traffic isn't bad.

Speaking of, today on the drive home the sun was setting in everyone's eyes just low enough so that the sun blocker didn't do anything, so everyone was utilizing their hands, which made it look like a highway full of people "Zieg Heiling" in their cars.  Bathed in golden sunlight.

I'm doing alot less nowadays... I feel like a hermit, I kind of stay at home for the most part, and havn't been arranging to do anything with friends... even if i did, I have no decent ideas for "what to do".   I need regular distraction I think.

 I've already seen Cloverfield, that was my highlight of the month.  If anyone reads this who wasn't there with me haha, and you havn't seen it yet? Go, it's like Godzilla meets Blair witch, I loved it personally. So enjoy!

Any other exciting news I'll get back to blog later... figured it's been long enough, and people who only read the "first blog" (if anyone actually makes a habit of that...) has had their chance to see Paul Potts.

ps. I bought his CD, great!  Opera huzza!

Saturday, January 05, 2008


This makes me want to cry!

This is a feel good video for sure
What's great is the COMPLETE change of reaction in the judges, from when he first comes on, especially Simon.

haha it's incredible... absolutely beautiful