Wednesday, February 15, 2012

200th Post!

Happy 200th post blog!

Crazy stuff.  This blog has seen me through ups, downs, University, YWAM, multiple world trips, all sorts of events, fires, plays, races, you name it.  I've been slacking a bit recently... but reading that is nothing new, you'll see that statement scattered all over the place in those 200 posts.  Pretty cool though.

But thank YOU, the reader.  I know that you are out there, blogger sends me a little stat every once and a while telling me how often my page is checked, so I know that someone out there is reading haha, and I thank you.  I'll make sure the road to 300 is kept exciting!

Leave a comment if you've ever read one of my 200 posts! (trick question)

So today was pretty eventful!

Woke up and went to this temple that was wayyy far away, about 30-45min Tuk-Tuk ride away.  I split the $30 charge with another backpacker, some Aussie girl from Melbourne, and we went to Beng Mealea temple.  Very cool, it  was totally overgrown and pretty big.  I think those are my favorite temples, the ones where the forest has won.

We were offered to check out the flooded forest/floating villages on the way back, but the person I was splitting the ride with didn't seem too interested... too bad.  Next time!  On the ride home we crashed.


It was really sudden, the tuk-tuk lost control and began to skid then swerved off the side of the road down a short embankment.  It stopped when it hit a tree and jackknifed.  Everyone was okay, the bike got beat up pretty badly though, and had to be disconnected from the carriage and hauled up separately.  The surrounding people were really helpful and the driver was really embarrassed.  Poor guy.  We still paid him, he said the money would go towards repairs (we realized when we were dropped off that the front wheel was messed up).

Aso ate some sticky rice with soy beans in a bamboo chute, it's sold on roadsides, Cambodian/Thai snack, very good!

Got back into town and I rode my bike out to the Angkor Watt again.  Rode around, walked around some temples, and joined some other travelers in walking up the "elephant path" to the top of this hill where the sunset view is supposed to be nice.  It would be if it weren't for all the smog... this heat in Cambodia is something else indeed.  Saw elephants, fed a monkey a banana, rode back to "pub street" and had an awesome meal and a few drinks for a great price, then had a good cup of coffee while watching a philosophy speaker on youtube.  This place is right up my alley, I will come back with anyone who wants to go!  Haha, I'm really looking forward to seeing more old things tomorrow!

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