Wednesday, December 29, 2010

I'll see YOU in 2011!

Hmm... Anonymous called me out on it... Last post didn't have any music suggestions.
SO, in honour of the death of 2010, I could either

a) do a reminiscent post of pivitol moments of the year..
b) OR, the much lazier effort of passing on some of my favorite songs/albums from the year.

I'd much rather not reminisce right now... too much effort.

This is by no means a "greatest hits" of 2010... just some of the new releases that are topping my iTunes play count.

(finding, and linking all the album covers to appropriate songs turned out to be wayy more work than just writing a list of key words like "Olympics (Bilodeau's Gold, etc), Sweeney Todd, 'Joseph', Triathlons, British Grandparents visit, 4rth Year, Edmonton, New Friends, Old Friends, Training Dragons, F. Shirt, Supernatural, LSAT, Making Waves, Monday Night Sports, Olympics (second mention because they were so awesome)... etc, etc)

Dang, there I went and did it anyways.

And then if I was just to pick my favorite song of the day... today it's this

Happy New Year!

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Just made it!

It was close, but it's still the same day, so it counts.

Merry Christmas everyone.

For me... the Christmas hype kind of ends on Christmas eve... I mean, I know Christmas is THE day, but I think it's the anticipation of it that I like the best. Hearing Christmas carols on Christmas day just feels like last ditch attempts to play them while it's still acceptable... Christmas lights don't look quite as good in the day, and on the evening of December 25th, everyone knows that's it... that's the end. Christmas eve is the one with the lights, it's the one with the anticipation.

However, I'm being a bit of a Grinch I guess (ALSO a Christmas eve event, by the by) and this Christmas eve praising should likely have been voiced before the day. So, like Christmas Day, this blog post is late...
Expect it appropriately earlier next year,

I hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas, mine was fantastic, don't let the blog suggest otherwise.

and a Happy New Year too!
(New Year's Eve is better than the day... by the way)