Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Thats more like it

Last nights snow was exactly what I was waiting for!


(I was being told about BLT...on a Bagel?? Weird)

Wednesday, November 14, 2007






Saturday, November 10, 2007

Midnight shift activities

Today during graveyard was basically "dish out" Transformers fest, thankfully some people on the crew had seen it, for the first time AFTER they had heard my.... unique review? (well.. unique to kelowna at least... everyone seemed to love it)

None the less, hahah they said all they could think about was "Jon said he hates this part" and thus started oppertunity to laugh at ridiculousness of the movie.  Yes, i know it's about giant robots, I'm not talking about ridiculous in that sense, I mean just parts where... I don't know WHAT possessed the writers to put it in there.

I wish I had written a review blog on taht movie after it cameo ut, similar to my pirates3 one.  I guess i'll have to wait until the next big blockbuster.

ALSO, another thing that I have been discussing recently during graveyard shifts, (where all the best conversation happens, sleep deprived awesomeness)  has been the fact that I dislike it how so many songs nowadays (mostly hip hop, but not excluding britney spears) seem to have this retarded trend where someone, not even always the artist themself, will talk, and then do a retarded little laugh, it's always like a "heh heh" just those two.  Everyone from JT, to Britney spears, to Fiddy is guilty of this irritating addition to the songs.  I could go on more about it, but it's more fun to discuss in person.


In other news.... I sincerly, sincerly hope that the name "Smore's" did NOT come from this...

"they are so good, i want s'more"


Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Everyone Everwhere

Boy was today wierd, I was running into everyone everwhere, family, friends, randoms here and there, nuts.

My cousin in law in tim hortons
My uncle at airport
Friend who coincidentally I had been talking about earlier at tim hortons (different time, yes twice in one day)
Uncle at blockbuster

In other news, I saw my dad off at the airport earlier tonight, and this security lady walked up to a very nice young man with his little puppy (aw) and said "Your dog has to leave now" incredibly rudely, it made my blood boil, she continued to be rude and while the guy was doing what she asked he was calmy trying to reason with her that he cannot take his dog outside RIGHT then for whatever reason, she continues to be unbelievably rude, and he asks her if she could just be a bit more polite, she then walky talkies for backup!!! "resistant male, backup needed"

It made me so mad I actually stood up and challenged her "P's an Q's lady, Ma'am I understand you have authority, but c'mon"  She turns away and continues to ask for backup.  Unbelievable, i was so mad ahah I couldn't believe her, unfortuantly I left before I saw the end of the situation.

School is going well, and it's either the weather or something i don't know, but i've been in a wierd mood lately.  A bit of a loner and sometimes downer mood i think, but we'll see what happens.  It usually comes around now at the change of the seasons, season changes usually stress me out, mostly just late fall, and early spring.  These things happen.

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Robots... like, totally

I was thinking on my evening drive, whilst being distracted by the bright streetlights and water raining down onto my windshield,
 Imagine... if every body and everything around you... the entire world and everyone in it, we entirely a creation of your mind.  This is age old, cliche, and e veryone has had some kind of "what if everyone else is a robot" type though I KNOW, but entertain me

So, further imagine that if everyone who was a "figment of your imagination" had a conciousness, and as a result, a desire to live/exist.  The only reason you would have any friends, is becuase these particular characters your mind has dubbed "friends" or "close" would only maintain this assigned status with you because they WANT to live,  if that was to faulter, or you were to go your seperate way, then their "role" in the story of your life would be over, and as a result, they would eventually cease to exist.  Yep, 

As, this hardly deep, and ridiculous concept has probably cued any reader on to, I'm tired, exhausted even.  Not just physically, actually, possibly least of all physically.  Just over all i feel drained, possibly the weather? Possibly even just today, who knows, none the less, it's a weird mellow that i'm not sure wether or not i like it, or hate it.

In other news, I find that gossipy girls in college who need to grow up past their grade 10 bickerings are irritating, especially when their gossip fills the halls around you so you can't study your philosphy text and are forced to hear about "OMG, did you HEAR what happened at this partty?  omg I know! I was sooo omg like totally drunk omg I was like 'haha i'm sooo drunk kiss me' then i was like &*%@ and @#&* to her &@@% face, that &#@%"

Hardly charming.

Saturday, November 03, 2007

Graveyard Antics

I'm panicing.... I don't know what to do about life...



I need to focus on the present, then maybe I'll notice something exciting to write  a blog about...

At the moment nothing, but I figured I'd throw something out there, something new for those reading my blog.


Anyways, graveyard shift this morning was great, laughed so much, man.... best crew.