Tuesday, October 18, 2011

A shocked otter

I'm nominating my own blog for "Worst kept of 2011".  I'd appreciate your support by continuing to become annoyed by checking it and not seeing any updates.


Jonathan Arkle BA.   I know that I posted on that in the past, but it still holds true.  It's a weird feeling... not sure I like it.  I haven't jumped into full time work yet, still doing the life guarding thing at the moment pending near future travel plans, but with 5 courses per "semester" and Gorman Bros. all taken out of the equation, I've got wayyy to much free time.  On the bright side,  I'm reading more (which is ironic), but I'm anxious to figure out a way to keep myself constantly on the go.

Oh well.

But my musings are boring, for the most part.  People like stories.  I don't have any particularly exciting ones off the top of my head, but I'll work on that.  The lack of steady stream of strangers that UBC provided leaves me feeling alienated.  I need an excuse to be in crowded places again.  But no good "stories" doesn't mean no good news.
(You'd think most people would be happy not to have to deal with the strangest individuals that society has to offer... but when I'm not constantly able to provide stories of them, I start to worry that others are providing said stories about ME).

A picture tells a thousand words, these are the latest things whilst I've been living life!

Laura's Wedding!

My friends Scott and Daniel passed away in a tragic hiking accident.  I will always remember them.  It's a funny feeling, losing someone you are that close with in such a tragic way... there is definitely that "gap" now that won't ever be filled.  I love you and miss you bud.

As if I wasn't nerdy enough... Doctor Who has become one of my new favorite television shows.  If you haven't watched it, I highly recommend beginning with Season 5, it's a good starting off point.
I doubtlessly have the best group of friends I could ask for.  A.. "best damn crew" of my own if you will (Hi Jordan, thanks for reading, missed you).
Best friends and my gorgeous girlfriend in red. (I say this so she'll hate the fact she checked my blog)

A shocked otter.  No relevance.

 Well how's that?  Something.

As I mentioned above... I'm making travel plans at the moment, and this blog is going to be utilized in a very major way during said travels, so it is not dead.. it just took a hiatus.   This won't be the first blog that I've loaded with pictures and promises to "keep updating", but at least it's something!

Also!  Let's bring this back.

The weather is getting colder which always brings the metal back into my playlist.  I am definitely not complaining.

"Winter is coming".

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