Friday, September 11, 2009

Pictures make blogs more appealing.

Pictures make blogs more appealing. This is the conclusion I have come to.
Not because of any particular feedback, or even personal opinion, but just becuase I know that I find bright colours distracting and easily grab my attention. This I have in common with young children, and crows.
(Poisonous Crows).

My dear friend Jordan, who moseys his way onto this blog every once and a while, wrote an entry in his own a few days ago mentioning that he was sitting on his porch, smoking his pipe. Now I wouldn't expect any less from him, and then the very next day (becuase it was still fresh in my mind) I saw a man smoking from a wooden pipe while driving through town. My grandfather used to smoke a pipe... gave it up for the sole reason that he kept misplacing the pipe itself, which irritated him. He is British and fantastic, so again, the pipe has a strong case going for it. (They also smell great).
I think this is just great... what doesn't seem to suit the "deep thinker" more than smoking tobacco in a pipe? Now... I think at my age it would look peculiar, so I will have to wait, but I look forward to the day when I seem wise enough to the layman to be able to pull off this fantastic pastime. I will appear to be a great philosopher, or a wise knowledgeable man.

Or a Hobbit... But lets assume not.

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Arkham Asylum


I've fallen out of the video game world, in such a sense that the last "console" that I owned was a Nintendo Gamecube back in 2003... in regards to video games, I would play the Nintendo legacy games such as Mario, and of course my favorite, Zelda.

As previously mentioned, I bought a PS3. Now granted, I bought it for the Bluray player, but I figured might as well get a game for it as well, so obviously I got the new Batman Game.

It is a freaking love letter to obsessive Batman fans like me, with so many little throw outs to the comics and obscure characters. But what really makes it complete for me, is that my favorite villain since I was little, Dr. Jonathan Crane, A.K.A. "Scarecrow' is done amazingly. A review on the internet said something along the lines of "The Scarecrow sequences don't scare you... they terrify you". An accurate statement, and as my dear friend Torrey said in a voice mail he left me earlier today "I got to the scarecrow part... scared the crap out of me".
Best part is.... there are more than just one nightmarish encounters with the dear doctor.

I am so happy about this reintroduction to video games, that I felt obliged to write a blog on it.

First day of school was officially today. I showed up yesterday to classes like a fool, and there were none. Oh well, both classes today were with the same prof, which hopefully will be good. He has a thick Italian accent and a sense of humour, so here's hoping for the best.
Also, 9 comes out today, AND "Welcome Home" by Coheed and Cambria (a favorite of mine) is indeed on the soundtrack (this is the song featured in the trailer).
So hopefully it has an iconic and key location in the movie.

Saturday, September 05, 2009

Labour Day weekend

I got a ps3, it had a blu ray player, and it dropped $100 in the last 2 weeks, and I had a $100 gift certificate for the mall... $200 off what it was last month? not bad. That's my justification for those of you who may have been torturing yourself by wondering.

So, on Monday (Labour day) I'm hoping to wake up early and head back up to Whatshan Lake to do some more waterskiing. Long drive for a day of skiing but it will be worth it... I know it.
Unless this -4 weather comes... I don't believe it personally, but crazy to hear it predicted.

A good old friend of mine (a good friend who is not necessarily old, but he is an old friend who happens to be good as well, good in both senses, as a good friend and a good person, not to be confused with an old good friend, anyways)
This friend is a fantastic musician, and happens to be in a swell band! Which I just learned has brought out an EP available on iTunes, even in Canada.
The City Walls
I think they are just fantastic, so you should check them out as well. At least click the link so their Myspace page looks a bit busier?

School starts Tuesday, Philosophy again finally! Please be engaging professors.... please?

Tuesday, September 01, 2009


So! This is entirely going to music related

I'm lying!

Okay! So I bought the new Imogen Heap, and I really like it! If anyone reading this is an Imogen Heap fan, then get the cd so we can talk about it! I like the song "Aha!" alotttt. (so much in fact, that it deserves three t's).
Also, I bought the delux version off iTunes, so I got every track doubled with Instrumental only tracks!! Cool. Especially since I'm big on the whole "Songs minus lyrics" thing when I study. So double win ($12.99 too! 26 songs)

Also! I really like the new Weezer single! It's catchy, happy, and dancy. Double win!
Stream it free HERE! For real.

Also, since I joined the Twitter cult... *Shudder*, I've been recieving the odd "tweet" *shudder* from Andrew W.K.
Of course, I think this guy is a legend, SO you can imagine my excitement when he wrote that this had surfaced...


And in final un music related news.....
Wait... I think that's it...

hmm... oh! My struggle and debate about whether or not to get a ps3/360/wii goes on... should I get one? if so which one? I really want to play that new Batman: Arkham Asylum game.... if you havn't seen trailers for it, go watch now, and I guarantee you will agree it's the best batman thing since dark knight. Which isn't hard, granted... BUT, still amazing.

There, I took it off music topic, so I am certified liar.