Saturday, September 05, 2009

Labour Day weekend

I got a ps3, it had a blu ray player, and it dropped $100 in the last 2 weeks, and I had a $100 gift certificate for the mall... $200 off what it was last month? not bad. That's my justification for those of you who may have been torturing yourself by wondering.

So, on Monday (Labour day) I'm hoping to wake up early and head back up to Whatshan Lake to do some more waterskiing. Long drive for a day of skiing but it will be worth it... I know it.
Unless this -4 weather comes... I don't believe it personally, but crazy to hear it predicted.

A good old friend of mine (a good friend who is not necessarily old, but he is an old friend who happens to be good as well, good in both senses, as a good friend and a good person, not to be confused with an old good friend, anyways)
This friend is a fantastic musician, and happens to be in a swell band! Which I just learned has brought out an EP available on iTunes, even in Canada.
The City Walls
I think they are just fantastic, so you should check them out as well. At least click the link so their Myspace page looks a bit busier?

School starts Tuesday, Philosophy again finally! Please be engaging professors.... please?

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