Sunday, February 24, 2008

I R Jon

I wear torn clothes becuase I feel strange getting new articles.

I like driving when the sun is low in the sky, even though it is hard to see. (It makes me feel like I'm driving Into nirvana, or Away from an nuclear explosion or something)

I like quoting movies and shows, and enjoy it when other people can quote them with me.

I love my Dog, and assume he loves me back when he makes eye contact

I'm not particularily funny or charming, but I might appear to be at first glance.

I recently started enjoying "Trailer Park Boys" quite a bit.

I also enjoy talking like the toy does in "Arby "N" The Chief" You can watch it on youtube if you so please.

I bought a new snowboard, and I like it alot, there is a semi interesting story behind my antics getting it. Ask me sometime.

I like Coffee, especially with dark chocolate on the side.

I like listening to movie soundtracks, instrumental. Particularly Jurassic Park and the Lord of the Rings.

I like Batman Begins

I am not who I expected I would be when I was little. If I were to talk to a young me, I would be asked why I'm not being a paleontologist.

I am irrationally concerned with health, at irrational times, and inconsistently.

I do not play video games often at all, however I do enjoy zelda and tetris.

I keep a Blog sometimes, and a written journal less frequently.