Saturday, January 29, 2011

This still has a picture and songs.

Ahhh hypocrisy.

I was speaking to a dear friend the other day who was discussing how they feel they have been betrayed by another friend of theirs hypocrisy. Specifically in regards to the demand for respect from others, but without supplying it on their own.

I think that's what upsets me the most about human interaction.. is the lack of respect. Now, on the note of hypocrisy, I want to clearly state the disclaimer that I definitely fall under this description as well. My own shortcomings in this regard (specifically in the name of "humour") will often leave me feeling guilty for the way I've treated another human being, and it's something that I cannot understand.

I've been called a "people-pleaser" (in a very loving way mind you, not as an insult) due to my sometimes ridiculous and self defeating measures taken to make sure that I don't upset or let anyone down... and while, yes, sometimes this results in my own plans not coming to fulfillment, I still can't bring myself to see it as a bad thing... or even a foolish thing.

It seems to me, as I've 'blogged' about in the past, that if there is any HUGE question worth worrying about in this world, that's worth dedicating all focus on, (philosophically or in any other discipline), it's not "how much can we know/how far can we push", it's not "is there a God/a purpose in life", and it's definitely not "What is my next step?" but rather "how ought I treat others... how ought I act?". To me this question transcends all disciplines, and schools of thought. All religions or lackthereof, all ethics and actions.

Now, don't get me wrong... I too often get caught up in my own endless pondering of all of the aforementioned questions, but in the end it seems to me that the only important one is the final point. How ought we treat each other?
It's all well and good to increase our human knowledge, and by no means do I intend to undervalue research in any field, but this rant comes from a purely relational perspective. In regards to how we interact with each other on a day to day basis.
Similarly, I don't mean to belittle more metaphysical questions, or those of faith either. In the end of all things, perhaps there is an afterlife, perhaps not. I know I have my stance on the matter, but in the end I believe that should really be seen as irrelevant. Life should not be seen as a "means-end" relationship, but rather lived based on what is applicable immediately... and on what we can control here and now. (I mean... isn't this what matters on the basis of even Christianity?)

That being said, what can we control here and now? Our relationships. Our interactions. That's what really matters, that's all that matters! So why oh why do people focus on their own immediate interests versus those of those around them.
Again, this blog is becoming a bit of a bore, I admit. If I'm not giving nonsensical, uneventful updates on "there is a cat in my house" or the like, I am ranting about idealistic selflessness, and how I see martyrdom as the highest possible virtue... but bear with me, at least it's something personal not just a photo and a song...

Anyways, I don't have some great lesson... some final thought or even conclusion, but rather this is just a way for me to voice some frustration when people (who I looked up to), let me down in this way when I hear about actions such as this... I don't have the answers, but I can only hope that "love" rings through whatever answers there are.

Stop putting yourself first... it's not becoming of you.
I'll try to do the same. (Surrre you will y'hipocrite)

This painting is by my favorite artist called "To a Better Life". Sometime I hope to have a piece of his in my home. Someday.

(oh also... "Anonymous" if you are a regular reader at all... or at least regular enough to have read the last post and this one, you didn't give me much to work with. Your hint could be anything from a genuine religious enthusiasm to an ironic jest from one of my many skeptic friends... or perhaps you are someone who overheard that soapbox evangelist who announced "Jesus' Love" to the entire UBCO Library last week... so I'm afraid I have no idea who you are... sorry... But hey, thanks for reading my blog! I'm pretty pumped about the viewership. My "user dashboard" gives me stats about visitors to my page, showing how many visit the blog gets per day, from what country, and either a couple people worldwide check over and over, or I have quite a few regular readers, Mostly Canadian or American, but even some from Germany. Pretty cool. Don't worry, I don't know WHO you are... I wish I did, but I don't have that information. I do know what country you are from though... oh also, whether you use internet explorer or firefox (or safari for some of you). Pretty cool... betcha didn't know I knew about you when you don't comment... well, I don't really know about you when you DO comment with all these "anonymous" folk popping up... oh well)

Hard Song.

Soft Song

Take your pick.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

All the world is mad

Although the last post had one of my favorite songs of all time, this one (by the same artist) has the greatest lyrics.

It's poetry, and I want to share.

Other than the lyrics of this song consistently ringing through my mind, nothing is particularily new. The semester is well under way, as the "reading break" is almost here... crazy.
I want more... time. More sleep. I want more focus too, too easily do I give in to procrastination these days (case and point, BLOGGGG!!!!!).

I also want to play more guitar...
ALSO, wouldn't it be great it it rained? Like... REALLY rained? Lightning and the booms and the wet and all that.

Meanwhile, a small bear is still living in my house.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Blog fuel

So, last post I wrote about always losing inspiration to write blog before I get home.. today was one of those days.

While out today I was inspired to rant and question such topics as (but not limited to...)

a) Aliens and Ghosts
b) Whether or not food taste changes depending on texture
(NOT relying on molecular change, so eggs boiling doesn't count)
c) Alchemy
d) Sunshine
e) Loneliness, friendship and suffering.
d) Fate(?) and free will
e) Self betterment and focus
f) Virtues
g) Sea Monsters

Boy... wouldn't each of those have been great topics? That's not a particular order either... Alchemy was the most recent thought. I was just musing to myself about not only the literary value it gives to historical periods, (based on such ancient views of science), but also the immense symbolism behind the idea of turning simple metals into gold. Fantastic. You could tie that into a blog about self betterment and focus I guess, in regards to the symbolic nature. Interesting, you could also tie alchemy into my purely quizzical subject of whether or not taste relies on texture. Changing something into something else. Such topics would be fantastic blog posts.

But as I said... I got home, and lost the motivation.

Also, I noticed a hole starting to form in my jacket pocket. Tragic. And the symbolism behind that is... bleh, I'm hungry. End of post.

In honour of Alchemy, I present one of my favorite songs of all time (no lies!)

Song: Digital Sea -
Artist: Thrice
Album: The Alchemy Index - Water

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Why I never update...

I am well aware of these dry spells in the blogging habit... as noble as my intentions may be to update the blog more frequently... I never end up doing it? Why?
My theory... It just takes me too long to get home! haha at school or work I'm always thinking about things, or seeing things that make me think "Man, I could riff on this in the blog"... but then by the time I get home, inspiration is lost or at least diminished enough so that I forget.


I'm pretty pumped on the sunshine that's been flirting with us these last couple days. Despite a few hiccups, 2011 is still turning out well (I think). I feel I can keep "praising" 2011 at least until the end of January, that's when I can decide whether to keep up the optimistic "better than 2010" attitude. Keeping in good company with good conversation is the key for the year thus far. That means YOU! (Maybe. Unless we don't speak... if that's the case, stop reading my blog and lets have a conversation!)

Watched How to Train Your Dragon again with some folk tonight, still awesome. Every. Time. Also watched Ricky Gervais being interviewed on CNN with Katie and Kelly, and it only acted to cement my opinion that the man is a genius.

But I'm scraping for topics... so this is an uninteresting post. Apologies, but at least it stirred up the stagnant waters. No mosquito nests here.
Flies maybe..

I'm in an oddly sentimental, somewhat subdued mood tonight. Probably just tired, full moon was last night so there's no blaming that one.

An "oldie" loaded with memories, but definitely tonight's song for me.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Text 2

Jon: "You sir, are drunk"
Jon: And you say...
Tony: You'll still be beautiful in the morning an' I'll never forgive you. However, still come. I'll be sober come morning"

This one wins first prize though for "Random text that made me laugh out loud"

Jill: You know, Jurassic Park wouldn't have been nearly as exciting if the park facilities just had round door knobs...

I associate with the best people ever.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Very exciting! (for me at least)

What a good day!

I was on quite the folk kick for the last... two months, which is and was bound to happen, and isn't quite over yet what with the new Iron & Wine coming out on the 25th... but it's funny because just this morning as I was switching back and forth between "I&W" and "Mumford and Sons" on the bus, I wondered to myself "what CD will it be to get me off this kick and back onto my usual wagon".
Found it.

Also, snowed like crazy last night, which was pretty sweet. Went from bare ground to this

I need to read now. First tea. Then read...

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Walking far

This will be a quick one, as I'm pushing for time before I have to leave for class... I told myself I'd leave in 2 min... so type quick (I'll be applying copy-paste for much of this body)

BUT, I just wanted to share the lyrics for one of my favorite songs right now, the newest "Iron and Wine" single. I'm torn about what I love the most about Sam Beam's music... not only is it beautiful to listen to, but his lyrics bring a sense of romanticism to parts of life that one might not otherwise pay attention to...

Fantastic music to listen to while just... watching life happen around you.

I was walking far from home
Where the names were not burned along the wall
Saw a building high as heaven
But the door was so small, door was so small

I saw rain clouds, little babies
And a bridge that had tumbled to the ground
I saw sinners making music
And I dreamt of that sound, dreamt of that sound

I was walking far from home
But I carried your letters all the while
I saw lovers in a window
Whisper "want me like time, want me like time"

I saw sickness bloom in fruit trees
I saw blood and a bit of it was mine
I saw children in a river
But their lips were still dry, lips were still dry

I was walking far from home
And I found your face mingled in the crowd
Saw a boat full of believers
Sail off talking too loud, talking too loud

I saw sunlight on the water
Saw a bird fall like a hammer from the sky
An old woman on the speed train
She was closing her eyes, closing her eyes

I saw flowers on a hillside
And a millionaire pissing on the lawn
Saw a prisoner take a pistol
And say "join me in song, join me song"

Saw a car crash in the country
Where the prayers run like weeds along the road
I saw strangers stealing kisses
Leaving only their clothes, only their clothes

Saw a white dog chase its tail
And a pair of hearts carved into a stone
I saw kindness and an angel
Crying take me back home, take me back home

Saw a highway, saw an ocean
I saw widows in the temple to the Lord
Naked dancers in the city
How they spoke for us all, spoke for us all

I saw loaded linen tables
And a motherless colt then it was gone
I saw hungry brothers waiting
With the radio on, radio on

I was walking far from home
Where the names were not burned along the wall
Saw a wet road form a circle
And it came like a call, came like a call from the Lord

Love it. Musically 2011 is off to a great start. Still very happy with how it is turning out.
Annnnddddd leaving NOW

Sunday, January 02, 2011

So THIS is the New Year!

Happy New Year Friend(s?)

So far the year is off to an awesome start. I feel like I'm on a constant high, and it makes me very happy, (as constant highs do).

It's a funny feeling really... usually the new year brings a traditional quoting of "Death Cab for Cutie" quotes, particularly "So this is the new year... I don't feel any different". This is ironic to me, becuase for whatever strange reason, I do feel different. Filled with anticipation, and also... a strange sense of freedom. My own personal revelation on New Years eve brought it on, and it's fantastic.

This is my "January 2011" song... I've already plagued facebook with it, so I'm sure any readers of my blog have seen that already. I've associated it with my new outlook, and therefore it makes me happy by association. The fact that it's an amazing song also helps.

BUT, in case you are tired of the Jonsí song, and you enjoy little song recommendations, this is my favorite song today, it's called "Stop Smoking Because It's Not Good For You".

Also, on the Music note, this is still very exciting to me

But yea. I am very happy. So I wish you a very happy new year as well, because this is a great feeling