Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Apple Triathlon 2010

Well! There it was, "The Event" of the summer for me.

Two years ago I did my first "triathlon" event... on a relay with my Dad and Cousin, where I did the swim portion. I got infected with the Triathlon bug, and wanted to do them ever since.

I trained for the three sports, and did a local Sprint Tri event in Peachland, but in my mind it was all leading up to what is (in my opinion) the biggest sporting event in Kelowna. The Apple Triathlon (also known as the Canadian National Championships haha).

Anyways, last summer rolled around, and I was infected with a different type of bug... Although the Triathlon bug was there, I also became violently ill. I don't remember the last time I had been that sick... in the week before the race I couldn't hold down anything I had eaten, I was bedridden in a cold sweat, and weaker than I had ever felt.

Despite my best attempts to lie to myself... (up until 30 min before my wave start), I finally had to admit defeat and hand in my timing chip. I tried to do a warm up, but after 50m I realized I was in no place to race... I guess a week of debilitating sickness will do that to you...

Regardless!! Although I recovered from the physical ailment, the Tri bug was still in me, and more determined than ever, I prepared myself for the next year. (The fact that I became the unofficial poster boy of the triathlon helped keep me motivated... how embarrassing that I was/am on the front page of the website, yet had never done the full triathlon...) (http://www.appletriathlon.com/)

All summer was leading up to this event for me, there was even a point where I hurt my legs a week before opening of Joseph, and (although maybe not the most appropriate response, seeing as it was a week before opening) I was primarily concerned with "will I be okay for the Triathlon?".

Then last Sunday came round

Final time 2:25:52
16th overall in my Age Category (M 20-25), even had my name listed in the paper in the top times for local competitors!
Also, noticing the times of other competitors in different categories, my time was only 3 min behind the fastest female in the 20-25 age group... who had come from Toronto for the triathlon, so pretty much as "serious" as some of the Triathletes get. So I was pretty pumped, with a bit more focused training, next year will be even better!


(In keeping tradition, I really like this song lately)

Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Feeling the Revival!

Greg Sczebel "Causin' A Commotion"

Bet you know someone in this music video!

Tell YOUR friends, (I just told mine).