Sunday, November 29, 2009

Talk to me Goose

So I watched Top Gun tonight for the first time in my life, and realise that I've been in the dark for years.
Amazing movie.

In other news, caught a pack rat in the barn the other night, it was epic.

Also, the new Star Trek makes me feel like I should have been a trekkie rather than liking star wars.... the way I see it, Star Wars now seems like "sci-fi for dummies" as those fans are the ones who cheer at sasquatches being handed crossbows (let the wookie win).
Whereas Star Trek is all quasi-science, with physics (sounding) statements and filled with "logic". Anyhow, I can understand why those people look down on star wars fans... at least at the moment, and especially in light of all the new Star wars movies.

But enough nerdery... 2 weeks left of school, 2 final papers left, and a few final exams. Bring it on. I'm ready for a break.