Saturday, December 30, 2006

4 Days


I made a big nice post that had photo's and cool stuff, but the blog site wouldn't let me post it, said i hadn't filled in a neccessary component or something.... and thus, no pictures or blog..

BUT!! I wrote this for everyone!

On the 4th, I leave for Vanuatu, the flight keeps getting changed so it's closer... and closer...
But it's the 4th, so if any of you have any vital and crutial messages you need to get to me... the 4th is potentially the last time i'm near a computer for the next 7 weeks. (mabye once or twice in vanuatu, but i doubt it)

The last week or so has been really good, but busy as well, getting ready for hte SOS, and for outreach. Lots of Goodbyes as other teams head off across the world (Literally) on outreach, and changing atmosphere around the base as they get ready for the next quarter (of the year) with the new schools and DTS's coming up. (For more information visit ) ACTUALLY, on that note, I updated that site! haha cool, you'll have to search around it to see hwat i've updated (because thast more fun) but hints are that it has a link on the main page) but it can still be found in other places.

So it's New years eve for me tongiht, it's currently noon of the 31rst, and tongiht i'll be going to a new years party at this coffee shop that is in the city, (it runs together with the base). So that will be cool. hmm....
(I'm still listening to SAOSIN constantly, and I have some other people hooked on it now, especially the song "Your not alone")

so... mhmm, the days are running out before we head for Vanuatu, And I am pumped
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