Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Bird on his Head


Currently listening to the new Saosin... woah! HAHA WOAH!

Love it.

Anyways, I digress....

So the past week or so has been busy busy for me, i've been working on "Be Visionary 2" the highly anticipated sequel of the indie film "Be Visionary". I'd put up the trailer i made, but i'm on the wrong computer (Mac, vs Windows)

Does this CD get bad? ever?

So.... last sunday was YWAM Perth's 21rst birthday celebration. That was pretty cool, haha they had a bush dancing band come in, amazing! you'd think lame... but oh ho ho ho, it was not my dear. Fun stuff. But the excitement does not end there, we had our "Commisioning Night" on Tuesday, which essentially like a "Grad thing" for the school's going on outreach, it's a ceremony where they symbolically send us off ready for outreach. We are still in our last week of teachings (Evangelism this week), but it was still really cool (It was during this ceremony that Jon and I showed our movie trailer).

THEN! Tonight is a suprise honourary night for the Base's Founder, Peter Brownhill, and i've been asked to speak! I'm the only person in my class... and boy do I feel honoured. This man is amazing, he is such an inspiration, the things God has done to the world through this man is incredible. So i'm really excited for that, basically get to honour him in front of everyone, i'd love to. (for those deicated readers, he's the one who sings backstreet boys at the end of "Be Visionary", the last line, the climax etc).

SO!!! The days are counting down till Vanuatu...and boy am I excited, it's kind of sad on one hand that i'm splitting up with half of my friends as they go to literally the other side of the world on their trips, but we'll be all back together in Perth on Feb 17th. Vanuatu is going to be amazing, i'm so excited. Actually, cool story

On the first week of DTS, we had to pick up books from the base bookstore to read/ do reports on. The first one we all had to pick up is written by YWAM's founder Loren Cunningham. The book is called "Is that really you, God?" Really good book, tells about the vision of YWAM and it's 'birth'. The second book I chose was one called "Discipling Nations" which so far is so good.. haha i read half then wrote the report and didn't finish it (I got distracted). But the book is still fascinating. Then for the third book (which was true missionary stories) I wanted to get this one they had called "End of the Spear" (some of you may be familiar with that story), BUT it apparently wasn't on the DTS list... so quite dissapointed I picked up whatever one had a cover that appealed to me haha I judged it by it's cover.

So I chose one called "The man with the Bird on his head". Excellent.

It looked funny, I liked the title, so I grabbed it, took it back to 228 where I put it on my shelf... and forgot about it. I didn't pick it up until two weeks ago... long after I had been on the Fiji team, then it turned into Vanuatu, etcetc. NOW, I grab my book, open up the first page, adn there is the title...written again... i never really understood why books need to repeat the title... everyone already read it on the colourful pretty cover... why write it again on the first/2nd page? "oh, just in case you missed the bold print on the FRONT" ...anyways...
The book's Nation that the missionary was in...was vanuatu! haha and his name is John Russ, the story is about the tribe there has worships a "John Frum (America)", and they naturally think he is their saviour/messiah of sorts because he's John from America. hahah thats where I"m going!! Vanuatu! Pretty cool, I was impressed.
Halleluja Glory

Right... what else is interesting...

Pictures? I'll get to that later, i'll edit this on another laptop... mabye when i'm editing BV2.

Oh, for those of you who didn't know, My Ipod went fubar on me a few weeks ago.... corrupt file or something and i had to reformat it to get it to work again... as a result lost all my music, so thank you again so much for those of you who sent me that CD, haha it means alot. Then People here have been gracious enough to let me borrow music from them via. Itunes on their computer. I think I'm going to start buying my music off of Itunes when I get home, it's amazingly convienient! (The Saosin was bought off Itunes....8 bucks for 13 tracks and the entire booklet plus some? sounds like a deal to me)

But! I should wrap this up so I can get to some filming of BV2. I'll write again sooner, hte internet is working again. (It's been as bad as dial up fo rhte last week, and thus.... not possible to edit, or skype, or anything) But now it's good, so you can hear about my exciting exploits

Love you all
I'll be praying


Haha!! I just realised the title I gave this post is very similar to a Saosin song.... which is awsome, becuase i talked about them both! The book and the song

Bird on his Head
Bury your Head

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