Tuesday, December 05, 2006



SO, as some of you may have known, Fiji was on the verge of a military coup, and who could have guessed.... it happened. SO due to danger etc, the Fiji location has been changed to a new nation. Vanuatu.

That name may sound familiar to you becuase there was a "Survivor" season "there", however for those of you who do not know where it is, it is just West of Fiji, a smaller island kingdom. We don't know any details more than that because our leader has been off for the last few days meeting his fionce's parents and such, so he's been unable to tell us anything, and we only found out yesterday.

SO yea....... thats about that.

Thank you for those of you who are still reading the blog! Much Appretiated.

A few of us here have really gotten into a TV show that some people have downloaded on iTunes called "Heroes". If any of you are interested.... check it out!! It is so good, we are addicted, it keeps you hooked. A few people have tried to quit watching it.... but we can't, it pulls you in. It's no "Lost" apparently, but it is good nonetheless.

I went to that Pool today, it was amazing, I wish i had never stopped swimming, i was on a high for the rest of hte day becuase i enjoyed being back into it. I'll have to go again SOON. Also, a few weeks ago the Sports DTS had this Olympic coach.. ish someone come in. Someone who is really tight with alot of the atheletes, and he told them that Ian Thorp "Thorpedo" is apparently "SO CLOSE" to understanding Jesus... so he told them to pray for him.

This weeks speaker is this guy Will from Northern Ireland. Really good, he's not nearly as charismatic as our previous speakers but he has alot of a different approach. Honestly,. I can't get over how amazing this course is and how glad I am I came here. The people I've met I feel like I've known my entire life like... the best relationships you could ever imagine, the things I've learned and experienced... wow, hte course itself makes Australia like a sidenote haha but even that is obviously amazing. For real everyone... Im not going to stop reccommending this to EVERYONE. Yes that means you Mike, Amanda, Danny, Michelle, Casey, and everyone else reading this blog. This course has just been a constant...awsomeness?


ALSO, THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR E-MAILS, i print them off and read them over and over and over, and I really do mean to write back to all of you. Some of you we have been having pretty constant "E-mail conversations", those have been nice don't let those stop!

BUT, I'm going to get to bed early, I think i'm running out of sleep.

Pray Dangerous Prayers

- Jonathan

(woah... my full name? wierd... i decided to try it.. just once, we'll see)
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