Thursday, April 28, 2011

And so it came to an end

Well, that's it!

On Tuesday, at approximately 2:33pm I handed in my last term paper (Epistemology) of my undergrad degree... pretty exciting.

I guess now I am "Jonathan Arkle... BA (pending)"...

The questions I've been asked

How does it feel: A little bit weird actually, hasn't quite hit me entirely yet, but still the knowledge that "that was it!" is in the back of my mind. Exciting I guess, but also... now I need to start figuring out the next step

What is the next step: Most of you who read the blog have likely already heard my spiel, law school is my plan, my hope at least, but I'm taking a year off to get my "ducks in a row" for that. Going to rewrite the LSAT after preparing for it properly, then spend the next year hopefully taking care of that and applying to schools!

You should travel: I would love to, school plans come first, but also I don't have any idea as to where I should go? What would I do? I'm open to suggestions.

What can you do with a Philosophy/Sociology degree: I can look at not only society and "the human experience" in a more critical and understanding way, but also approach arguments in a logical and thoughtful manner. I have knowledge, experience, discipline... and also, I can write a damn good paper and circle you in argument. That sounds worth it to me.

Now the "long summer" has begun for me, and so far it's been off to an eventful start.

Go Canucks anddddd

I'll post more often now that school discipline isn't distracting me as much

I think I'll miss the library though.. not necessarily the studying (although that was always an ol' faithful "thing I need to do today"... purpose is nice... but also because the "library crowd" sort of became a constant. That school library was my "Cheers")