Friday, February 25, 2011

Love keeps her in the air when she outta fall down

Another potential title for the post was almost
"Little Albatross"

So last night was the much anticipated Serenity night. It's likely because of all of the "bring Firefly back" hoopla that has resurfaced on the interweb recently, but watching it made me incredible nostalgic for the show, and sent me right back into a very passionate "It was/is the greatest ever".

Also, great company helps too. How do you tell the quality of a man? By the company he keeps. How can you tell the quality of the company you keep? Their willingness to "sing"/yell along with Dr. Horrible, and then intently watch Serenity, (and unanimously consider it a night well spent).

Aside from that, nothing particularly newsworthy, but I figured I'd stir up the stagnant waters again. Going to a UBC Volleyball game tonight, should be good, again, good company so I'm sure it will be.. and if it isn't... oh boy.. hell to pay I tell ya....

That's it. There is no more. Re-watching that clip makes me feel like I need to have something incredibly profound to say about Love, or perseverance, or maybe just spaceships... but no such luck. I'll try to be more deep for the next one...
(Someone asked me the other day "You have a blog? What do you write about??" to which my friend Katie quickly responded "nothing really, he just posts music he likes" haha... (she then followed up with "I never read it though" aw... adorable).

Sounds like I have a trend though, so clip, and then... lets go with some "study music" then.

The track behind the clip

And a beautiful appropriate picture titled "Coming Storm"

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

"Let's decide to be the Architects"

My bad... I don't often check the links after posting my songs of the day... but this time I did, and realized that I had posted the Dr. Horrible song twice. oops. The original "soft" song was intended to be a Postal Service song... just in case some of you thought that I considered Dr. Horrible to be "one of the the most perfect CDs ever recorded"... It's good.. not THAT good though.

Today is my final exam for the lumber grading course, and of course instead of studying here I am updating my blog. With no real motivation either, just saw the procrastination window of opportunity and took it. ("Oh no! There was a misplaced link in my blog! This devastating mistake MUST be redeemed... the blogosphere will never forgive me for it otherwise!")
aaaannd studying lumber goes on the back-burner.

New Rise Against song released today, "The Architects"
So that's very exciting. (To me). I love it, it's passionate and even has chanting "heys", which I'm a sucker for.

- New Spiderman costume for the reboot looks really badass, could be a good movie!
- Reading break has thus far involved no reading... oops
- Tired of the cold weather with no snow, and earlier sunrises are making me wish it was summer.
- I love the new Iron and Wine for what it is... but have come to the conclusion that I prefer it when it is him an his guitar. Not because I don't like change, but more so because in the musical interludes between verses, I'd rather listen to him plucking away at a guitar than hear his backup band playing a trumpet... or a recorder. That's just me though, the CD is still fantastic, but it doesn't knock "Shepard's Dog" from its pedestal.

That last one was definitely not a soundbite.. dang.

Also saw Torrey play a show the other night... I love that guy to bits.

Friday, February 11, 2011


Saw this standing in line at the grocery store...
I think the irony of this front page speaks for itself

Now I'm torn about whether or not I should afraid of the fearful 2011.... or use the magic of numerology for a safe and happy year.... can I be safe and happy in a fearful year? Or is it fearful in the risk of me not using numerology? So much stress!! If only I had read beyond the title... then maybe I would have learned what it is I need to do.

Reading break!! Definitely looking forward to the break. Here's hoping it's memorable!

Happy Valentines day too I guess? haha Here are some Valentine's day "themed" songs.
1) Heavy song of the day (Favorite metal band throughout all of high school)

2) Softer song of the day (From one of the greatest/most perfectly complete CD's ever recorded)

3) And one that all we hopeless fools can relate to!

3! Fantastic.

Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Word math!

"Oh Jon, that last blog was self serving and whiny"
Yea? Get this...

So this week is off to a fantastic start... I'll put it into an equation
Exam Season + Coffee + Laptop = ?

(I'll reorganize that to get my point across a little bit better)

Coffee + Laptop +Exam Season = ?

For those of you who may not have caught on... I'll formalize the logic a little bit more

(Coffee + Laptop) + Exam Season = ?

Now granted, it was a mistake... not on my part, somebody else spilled said coffee on said computer (Coffee got spilled on the computer, I assumed you caught on, but just in case), so I can't be mad... what's done is done, and now I need to figure out how to arrange my next few weeks around getting papers done plus getting computer repaired (hopefully).
Furthermore, to add to this week being "awesome", in the Lumber Grading course today I was wrong on every answer I was called on... the worst part about that is it doesn't matter how right you may have been in other answers, you still appear to be a complete moron to the rest of the class when the few answers that you bunged up on are the ones that are announced to the class. Swell.
Also... sickness can go away, if it doesn't mind.
Nobody said that the blog was self serving and whiny, but I am quick to assume that my voicing might come across as such..

I hate the blog being a place to whine... be all preachy and wax philosophic yes, but whine? pfft. (wahhhh! I wish I could just chat with...

Changing subjects!
I wanted to riff about one of these two pictures, couldn't decide which one, so went with both!

I love this. It's the directors cut!! I mean, it must be a good movie now right? Not only have they re-released it, but now as a directors cut? I always find it funny when movies that were pretty much universally destroyed by critics get a "directors cut" release... as if going with the original version of the directors already awful vision will somehow result in something worthwhile. Furthermore, it wasn't just the director that made this movie bad... it bad bad everything. Adding more scenes with Bhen Aflack isn't going to make the movie magically better... "Ohhhh, we missed that one scene where he was GOOD!"

I can't wait for the "Catwoman: Directors Cut" to come out, and we all realize that Holy Berry was part of the greatest cinematic masterpiece of all time... it just got cut a little short.

Now this one... I don't know if you can read it when opening the picture... but instead of ranting about it, I'd just like to say that I want to go with someone now. Who's in? We now have breakfast AND dinner plans!
(Weirdest marketing ever though...)
Especially because I feel like Shrimp is an appetizer food you know? Like... the kind of thing that is on a platter with tarter sauce or whatever, and you have about five and think "yeaa... I'm done"... but that?? Hilarious

Anyways, "play em off Jonny" "Andy?"