Monday, April 05, 2010


Finally, after an intense week and first ring of shows, I have my first morning off in what seems like a long, long time.

Mythical Charge ended up in 78th place or something like that. Not bad at all, top 100, and we get a monetary prize ($25 or something along those lines)

Did go to a Good Friday service though, which was really good. The pastor (Troy) from my church (Powers Creek) spoke, which made the whole thing totally worth it. I love being able to listen to someone speak who I have so much respect for. His speaking is 98% of the reason I chose to attend powers creek in the first place after coming back from Perth, and I wouldn't have it any other way. He spoke about what Paul would have seen after denying in the courtyard. Refreshing not to have another "symbolism of the cross" sermon as per Good Friday usual, (not that those aren't important).

There is a marmot that has taken up residence in our yard, likely in the absence of Champ. I found myself, (alone, of course), yelling at it through the window going "Alan! Alan! Alan!..." as per the BBC commercial. It ran away when I got to the Steves. I don't know if that means it's name is Alan or Steve.

Also, saw Clash of the Titans matinee between work and Sweeney yesterday. Naturally I thought it was Oscar worthy.... *cough*
I'm starting to wonder if I'm becoming too cynical about movies. Granted, Titans deserved every rib that it gets, but it was still fun to watch I guess. I need to just enjoy these things rather than get all worked up over corny lines, bad special effects, and directors who get too caught up in "making a scene look super cooooool" vs. actually making a scene look good.

oh well

SONG! (Double win because I love this music video)
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