Saturday, February 27, 2010

Watching the Olympics

I have the sneaking suspicion that the person in charge of setting camera angles at the crowd intentionally holds the shot on spectators until they notice that they are on the "big screen", for the sole reason that they get a little kick out of quickly cutting away then the people get excited that they were on TV.

I know I would. The cameraman giveth, and the cameraman taketh away.

Olympics this month have been amazing, quite the experience having them happen in your "backyard". It's disappointing that Kelowna didn't quite pick up on the same degree of Olympic spirit as Vancouver, but I guess that was to be expected. But I am happy that I was able to get down and experience the atmosphere in the "heart" of it all.

Go Canada Go! 10 Golds at this moment, awesome

I also realise that I could post more often if I don't feel like I need to write an essay every single time. Bring on more short posts!

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