Monday, March 10, 2008

Most terrifying moment ever

So, driving home from school today there was this one straight stretch of road...

And coming towards me in the opposite lane was a silver van. Now, this van was going a moderate speed, as was I, when all of a sudden a little squirrel runs out onto the road! He runs across my lane into the oncoming lane, and then freezes, on no! there is a big silver something coming towards him! So with his horrified legs spread, tail up, stance, he freezes, then decides to run back across my lane to the ditch he had been in.
However, this was right when I was beside him, this little guy runs right in front of me... and dissapears due to the hood of my car...

I listen for the bump and look in my rear view window for the little guy, distraught.
No body, he lived. That was no doubt one of the most terrifying moments for that squirrel. I was fine personally, but poor squirrel!

Anyways, to answer the mysterious anonymous, after about 30 min past my position in the blog, two friends from college came into the store, and after making small talk I asked them if they could watch my stuff,

all was well. but it was still an excruciating extra 30 min on top of my original panic.
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