Saturday, March 17, 2007

The End

Well, DTS is now over, and people are parting ways

Be Visionary I and II are out on DVD

Many the closest friends I've ever had are going back to their various locations across the world

I'm prepping myself for my current commitments (I signed on to help out with this Imapct world tour for the rest of the tour, working on the stage crews, setting up lights and sounds and construction and tear down, also working on skate ramps for the performers)

The future is here

6 months is so short, but so much happened, hearing God's voice, seeing miracles, healings and signs, making friends and family, laughing, movements, music and movies, pirates and ninjas, Perth and Vanuatu, early mornings, late nights, leaders, kangaroos, sunsets, coffee, books, philosophy, macs, revelations and ... wow

I can't even begin to explain the impact on my life this has been.

now for the next step ladies and gentlemen, a new chapter, a new season.

I will never ever forget this past 6 months... it would be impossible to...
my life has changed.

God is Amazing.

I'm stoked.
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