Saturday, March 03, 2007

Thats Chucky!! LOOK! LOOK!

So, IWT time is progressing and it's been nothing but epic. SO much personal growth even in THIS time! You'd think Vanuatu was enough, haha but I can feel it even now, and It's awsome, I'm thankful for every second of it.

SO the Tour is going really really well, The events themselves are amazing, so awsome. We've been setting up and tearing down stages and venues and all sorts of whatnots which has been really cool to learn how to do. I've always wanted to have a better know-how about all the tech things behind shows, and now my experience is definatly growing.
Last night we saw the Island Dancing part of the tour, which Chuck was performing in and I was so pumped about. Seeing him doing what he loves in front of a huge public crowd, so exciting. I have been on stage quite a few times in my life and I remember people would always come up to me and tell me how pumped they were to see me, or how excited they were, and I never really understood their enthusiasm, I was without a doubt thankful for it, but never could really identify with how pumped they'd be about me being up there. Then last night haha oh man, I couldn't stay still i was so pumped for Chuck, I was shouting out Samoan war cries and clapping the entire way through "THATS CHUCK!! MAN THIS IS AWSOME!!". Love it, I was so pumped for him.

Anyways, so the two shows that we've been helping out with have been The extreme one with strong men and whatnot. HUGE teddy bears of guys who push themselves to an extreme limit, it's intense. We've done two...two? yeah two shows with them, and then one with island breeze last night. They have been intense. Really fun, I'm lacking on sleep however, people say they can see it on my face, but i'm okay with that. Pushing myself harder reminds me that I'm alive, my arms and legs feel worked out from all the stage whatnot, which is good BURN IS GOOD.

Anyways.... unfortunatly I can't really think of what else to say...

OH! I've heard a rumour that there are some people at home who have put the preverbial 'last nail in my coffin' haha, assuming that I'm never coming back. That is in no way true, and i apologise to everyone who has asked me that and i've given such an undecided answer because the true deal is, I'm still waiting to hear my calling. My future plans and future destinations with life rely entirely on where I am led, and to this point i have recieved faint whispers about guidance but I am still waiting till I hear exactly what my purpose is. Which is seeming closer and closer every day, BUT nonethe less, I'll have to come home sometime soon, Australia will only let me stay in the country for another month or so with my visa, SO Even if i feel my calling is to somewhere away from home for "the next 2 years" as I've mentioned to people before, I will still have to return home for a short bit LEGALLY. So yea, I'm not quite dead yet.

SO thats all I can think of right now. Life is still amazing, and I'm finding more and more purpose in it every single day. Your not dead, and thats not the only reason to be happy, it's an amazing one, and a single strong foundation. But there is so much.... so much in life that.. haha yes! Love love.

Thank you YET AGAIN for all the E-mails everyone, you put such a smile on my face and I am so excited to see you again. You are all Numbawan

Oh yea, Remember when i fouind thebleedingalarm in a Perth CD store? now i foudn stutterfly.... or the... band previously known as stutterfly?


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