Friday, July 13, 2007


I'm a big fan of my job for 2.5 reasons
- It's fun, it's doing something and I feel like I've worked afterwards.
- When you have something on your mind, you can think about it, you just get into a zone, a rhythm, and just... think about it over.. and over
-(.5) at the same time, when you have something on your mind that you DON"T want to be thinking about, you can just start to work hard and completely preoccupy your mind.

I want to see the Transformers movie again

At the same time that I like my job...
I like having days off, Because I play ALOT of guitar during that time. I realized this the other day, because when I came back from Aus. I had a week of no work, (week and a half?). Everyday, guitar guitar guitar until the evening when I would maybe meet up with Danny.

Coming back from the travels this time, it was only 3-4 days before I went back to work, but it was the same deal, hours of guitar. Which I enjoyed.

Oops, I lost the "list" format I was going for.

But then again, I've also forgotten what it was I was going to write about in the first place, the guitar thing came because I started listening to some songs I have learned to play.

I've finally found something that can take my music focus away from Joshua Radin, the new Iron and Wine song. Here "Boy with a coin"
Such a good song, I've been listening to that
Also, the odd Evermore since I finally got ahold of it.

After work this morning I went to the docks and jumped in to clean myself off, met this interesting guy.

Graveyard shifts + Jetlag make for strange emotions and thought process's

I think God speaks to me most when I'm at work... I think thats when I Speak to him most as well.

This list has more work related topics than anything else...

*Survival question - Lets say you were stuck in the desert, and you had a water bottle. Now, I'm assuming most people would wait till they absolutely had to before drinking that water as to stay alive longer. Now... what is the wiser thing to do? Drink the water all at once? to completely rehydrate, OR would it be wiser to slowly drink the water, maybe over a few days, so that your constantly dehydrated... but "hydrating" longer and more often.
Don't ask why
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