Sunday, October 22, 2006

Every Loves Raymond... Except Chuck Norris

Welll, the last few days have been relativly uneventful, but here are some pictures

James (19) and Jon (18), Two of the people I hang out with the most. James is from New Zealand and Jon (fro) is from Vancouver (Abbotsford)

Jukka (22?) and Simon (23) Jukka is from Finland as well as his wife Evelina. I don't think i have a picture of her yet, mabye I do... you hopeful readers will have to wait I guess.

Actually this was some exciting news, on Saturday we went to the beach. The Surf was very big and really...irractic? Just waves everywhere with a very strong riptide that you could actually see. Anyways, turns out some boat tipped over with 5 people in it and they were lost at sea for a bit, and then some other people apparently were pulled with the current. 'Everyone was found' said some news guy, but they "closed off" the water and had 3 helicopters circling around the whole place and boats ripping around, cops on the beach, it was pretty cool.

Actually, becuase of my friday night I was really really tired (3 hours of sleep) so I went to these parliment houses...or perth, where they have these really nice gardens and while i was just enjoying myself i actually fell asleep. Only for a few min though, i didn't even realise i had... but i was woken up by some homeless guy named peter. Gave me a bit of a start i'm not going to lie, haha having this homeless guy standing almost on top of me looking down going "Why are you asleep here?" anyways, it all worked out (I gave him a Dollar).

Oh, i didn't go to the Unearth show.... ummm i'm listening to misery signals... and I have listened to as much of the Cry of the Afflicted: Consume this Wasteland CD as I can each day, I try to finish it every day.

hmm thus far pictures stopped loading.... so I'm afraid I'll have to keep rabbling on.

Today I really did do nothing....wait no, i watched a movie on a friends laptop. "Willow" It's like Lord of the Rings... done by George Lucas.... with Val Kilmer. hmm... And right now people are watching Narnia not far from me. You see this City SHUTS DOWN after like...3's so bizzare.

Pictures STILL not working, very very irritating. So Irritating in fact that i'm going to give up on the blog for now. And goign to give short and sweet points of things i was going to write about

-Havn't been able to Buy the New It Dies Today yet... and yes it is tearing me apart as much
as you might think

- Shout out to Amanda and Nicole and a thank you for Commenting on my blog

- Havn't seen any more green eyed crows (Thankfully, they make a horrible sound)

- MAIL! if anyone wants heh to send me a little letter or anything mail related that isn't
anE-mail and such, then here is my reachable address. I didn't give it out before because
I didn't know it, but now quite a few people have been getting mail and i thought, woah,
I didn't know we could get mail... anyways this is the info.

PO Box 8501, Perth Buisness Centre, Western Australia 6849

Mail must be adressed to Jon(athan) Arkle NOT "YWAM" otherwise they will open my stuff. Nosy buggers.

OH! On my birthday YWAM people chipped in and bought me a present, it was a boomerang, and today Jon and I went to throw our boomerangs around (he got on on his birthday which was a few days after mine) anyways, This German friend of mine Adrian threw it, it came back, but he ducked and it slid under the door to this City Storage shed thing... So we spent the next little while trying to get it out haha that was fun

I'd put up pictures of our attempts, but this website is annoying.

Another day

- Jonathan

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