Monday, October 30, 2006


To Whome it May concern

I'm really sorry for not updating this in the past week or so, the internet has been down here at the base and seeing as i'm completly relying on when other people arn't using their laptops to be able to update this, i was not too frequent in the "records of my misadventures" of sorts.

So...what have we missed.... well in the past week we've had people dress like pirates, I've held hands with a homeless guy who had a #2 accident in his pants, I've watched....2 episodes of scrubs? (I've always been wrong place wrong time, Will watches them on his laptop alwyas when I'm in town or don't have the time to watch the full thing). I've been listening to Cry of the afflicted mostly, suprisingly some AFI, which i don't know why i seem to be enjoying.... I've never really liked them before... what is happening to me...

ANYWAYS, again, thank you to everyone who has sent me e-mails, now that I have computer access I will do everything I can to get back to you.
Hmmm.... seeing as this is the first time I've updated in a while, I feel like I'm forgetting all the 'big events' that MUST have happened to me in my "absence from this blog".... here are some point form things...

- This Country Sucks up my money.... I had to get immunisation shots today for my travels that will occur in Late december- March, and WOW were those my wallet.

- One of the guys I'm friends with here looks like superman we think, his name is kyle so my nickname for times is Kal-el or Kyle-el, whichever one comes out first. For Danny and Mike, i'm sure you understand, danny for sure
"Wait wait....who's this Kal-el everyone keeps talking about.......... do you know anything about spiders?"

- Mike, you will be happy to know I'm using and have been using a Mac. I love it more than anything, and I admit defeat and say that you were right. There was something else i thought about the other day that i wanted to write on the blog for you...but I honestly can't remember i'll leave it at "I love you" and move on

What is this... a castle for ANTS?

- The other night I went into Perth with some friends, FIRST, the history of the situation... Here in Perth, my allergys have been killing me (Hayfever whatever) anyways, that mixed with a cold that's been going around my nose is completly blocked up and I can't smell a THING. Anyways, the other day I was in Perth, and i struck up conversation with this 71 year old Homeless man siting on a bench in the main square. After some talking, (he was very...incoherant and confused) he asked if i (we by this time, My other friend Jon (fro) had shown up) so he asked if WE could help him walk to where he could get a bus. So we help him stand up and he grips both out hands very very tightly and puts all his weight it seemed on us as we helped him walk VERY slowly towards the street. I told some other friends to take a picture, because it's not too often that you have two 18 year olds holding hands with a 71 year old homeless man walking him down the street. They didn't take any pictures for reasons I will later reveal. Anyways we walk this guy to the trainstation and none of the transit guards are ANY help at all, they were really rude actually so we left hte station and asked the police if they could help us. When the homeless guy couldn't remember where he was from i looked in his bag and pulled out a piece of paper that was actually a Bail Hearing record of something, and it turns out this guy (max was his name) was actually prohibited frmo being in that area. Anyways the cops didn't want to have anything to do with him, as they put it "we have better things to do than to deal with you max, so get out of here" so Jon and i did everything we could to see if we could get ahold of any family that he could phone, unfortunatly he coudn't remember any numbers. Eventually the police told us we can leave so we did and we walked back across the sqquare (30-45 min later?) to our friends. As we come back one of them goes "WOAH you guys STINK" and i was completly taken aback. "What?? why??" "you smell like that guy!" now i'm thinking what a horrible thing to say! until they then explain that it turns out our poor max had had an accident of sorts in his pants that was staining all the way down one of his pant legs at the back, but i never saw him from any direction that the front when i was talkign with him/ helping him walk, and i couldn't smell it becuase of my nose (haha jon said the smell was so repulsive that he diddn't want to walk over and help me in the first place) so then everything fell into place such as why the Transit Guards didn't want him going anywhere near the trains or buses, and why my friends didn't take a picture as we walked him down the square. AND THAT was that evening.

(I also bought a sweet T-shirt for 3 dollars, it has a kangaroo on it i was pumped)

OH! AMANDA i've been listening to Red Hot Chili Peppers too, so yea. I like Under the Bridge, My friend Will can perform it SOO well.

So thats all I can think of for now. Internet is back so i'll be able to update as soon as exciting things happen, I'm using a different computer than the ones i was using before, so i havn't put pictures onto this one, but I might update this one/ Make a new post so that all you wonderful readers have pictures. Becuase everyone knows things are so much more fun to read when they have pictures.

(I just went through some opf the pictures that he had on his computer and was reminded that last week we had the coolest speaker who was from New Zealand blah blah, anyways on thursday he invited us to where he was staying, his really nie "YWAM suite" heh.... anyways it's nicer than where we stay, but we had our whole school packed into his little room watching a projection of "Whale Rider" which didn't work so all the hype was for nothing

This is 1/4 of my DTS.. mabye less, everyone usually looks alot better but i just like what Jon is doing in it, so i thought i'd use it.

haha i saw this too.... Just to quelle any possibly curiositys...

I do wear a touque even in Australian Summer

(Not all the time, actually Jukka gave me his qhite hat that you can see him wearing in previous pictures, and now i wear that most of the time) ANYWAYS enough about me

Now it's all about you!!
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