Sunday, October 08, 2006


On saturday we all went on a field trip of sorts, we went to a national park where we saw "wild" koalas in a little habitat.... lame, they were all asleep and really high up, stupid animal. Then we went on a walk, through wilderness ish (nto as a big group, haha no single file retardedness, we were just free time cruising about) and we saw sooo many crazy birds.
The Birds in Australia are like....lets say if every bird was a parrot....well, I can honestly say that every bird is like a wierd parrot, even the crows have bright green eyes, pretty cool. Then we saw/heard one of my new favorite birds, the kookabura SO loud, and SUCH an awsome sound. It's like a piercing loud laugh..ish. Really cool.

Then when we got back, we hear some other people going "hey we saw kangaroos" Whatt? awsome, so some friends and i went into the brush to try to find them, we didn't go far until we saw one kind of throught eh tall grass and plants...very jurrasic parkish. The thing got spooked though and it bolted, so all we saw was a, dissapointing...and most people turned back to lunch. However, a friend (Big German guy, Tobias [Tobeeus]) went farther, and farther and farther, but we still didn't find any BUT then on our way back, the Kangaroo from earlier came out....and another...which had a joey in it's pouch! so we saw a male, female and joey, then we went through the bush (even though we had been told not to due to tiger snakes) and we got some cool pictures and video. THen later on, i was with some other friends, and thoguht i saw something hopping off in the i went to check it out, and it was some MORE kangaroos! really cool. (DID YOU KNOW? WITHOUT THEIR TAILS KANGAROOS COULD NOT BALANCE?)

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We had a boat war out on the lake that was at this park, got in trouble with hte warden, good times, ground was covered in brown chunks about the size of wheaties (Kangapoo as a my friend Simon from Sidney put it) and that was that day. (SATURDAY)

The Next day (Sunday for those lacking the mental capacity for logic) Some of us went to the beach. The water was cold, but it was worth it, i have been swimming in the indian ocean, woah. The beach was...the beach, nothing "SPECIAL" (like animals that hop around) BUT apparntly it has the most beautiful sunsets in WA (West Australia) so on wednesday when we have the most free time (other than weekends) we might go down to the beach at sunset, get some pictures. Sunday night i went out for coffee with some friends to this coffee place that YWAM kind of set up KAIO (i think) and we just hung out there until we came home and slept, then i'm here today.

Last Friday Was a friday night meeting (of church sorts) that was kind of cool... and this week in 'classes' we're talking about repentance and forgiveness...which is seeming quite vindictive... but thats kind of how things are here. Otherwise things are going great. I met this Wierd metal band on sunday night they play in a garage near the base, really dark characters, but i met them all, learned their names, now i have some people to pray about when we're supposed to pray. heh.


And, it's my Birthday in a few days now....thursday (LIKE THE SHIRT I"M WEARING! WOAH) . Yep. Thats all the news, I'll update again soon.

To my loyal readers I love you Mike. hahah

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EDIT All Pictures and Video are taken by me...not just found on the internet... If it's on the blog, it's captured by Jon.

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