Wednesday, October 04, 2006


Ladies and Gentelmen.....Here i am

Well..... i'm here, but I'm going to have to say that i have some crazy mixed feelings about all of this... on the positive side,

I'm in Australia
... and anyone who knows me well enough can probably think about my excitment about being here...."Jon" + a country with kangaroo's and such... yea it's pretty sweet. I've only been into Perth a few times, but the YWAM base is just down the block from the train station, and it's a 2 min train ride, so it's RIGHT there which is pretty sweet. I have yet to eat kangaroo, HOWEVERR i did find some kangaroo steak, which wasn't QUITE what i was looking for, but it may have to do. Aussies are pretty nice, I talked to some emo looking Aussie's in perth to ask them about any local shows and next week is taste of chaos, however i doubt i will be able go becuase of...

downside, YWAM has a lackage of free time, weekends are pretty much free except for some work duties, and the days are taken up by classes.... now remember people I am at a christain organisation so this next part try not to find it wierd... but everyone here...lets say that they are much more "holy" than me. The way Ywam seems to work is that popularity is based off of how many book sof hte bible you have memorized.... kind of. So here i am, being a bit of a character who does not put "EVERY" problem i have to "prayer" or "having a undying bleh bleh bleh for God" i tend to have this "First with the head, then with the heart" mindset, and don't find it easy to understand those who just say "i'll pray about it alot" "I'll see what god wants me to do" (but not in a casual way, it's quite militant. I don't have nearly the wide repetoir of gospel songs memorized that other people do, and i can't play hymns on guitar.....

And it's only been 3 days.

And with that I leave for now, when i get more settled thats when e-miasl and such will start to pop up but for now i figure it's better to adapt than to report.

Seeyalata as the aussies say... yikes


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