Thursday, November 16, 2006

Further Seems Forever - Light Up Ahead

This isn't a good post, it's just to keep my promise to all those readers out there saying that i will be updating more frequently. In this past day nothing too exciting has happened, just the "regular"

Last night was a random free night actually, so I went out for what is called "Bubble tea" with some friends. It's like iced tea except with these wierd....things at the bottom of it. It's kind of wierd, but good nonetheless.

For those of you who are into music, my playlists as of late have been Cry of the Afflicted, some Stutterfly and Bleedingalarm, and alot of U2 and Further Seems Forever. Dan, if your reading this I've also been listening to Stick to your Guns haha.

I've finally found a pool! It's wierd.... as soon as i saw it i had a wierd deja veau like feeling.... it wasn't really like the 'regular' deja veau, this one was just like... i've seen this building before. It's unsettling actually... but I want to get some good excercise.

That's really all for me, sorry that theres not any new news about the school or Fiji or anything, but as i said before, this is just to show that updates will be much more frequent.

Thank you to everyone who would still check frequently even when it took me weeks to update, You are all amazing.

- Jon
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