Friday, November 24, 2006


I just checked the mail thing today.....

Thank you guys so much.... I havn't been able to stop smiling, it is the most amazing thing ever, thank you so much. Haha, danny I saw your present and it made me laugh, thats awsome buddy, thank you so much hahah man, i miss you dude. And mike, your present probably has the most sentimental whatnot to it, and thank you so much, those two are going to be put to good use. You'll see. And michelle, thank you so much for all the work you put into that, it's amazing i'll be looking at it all the time. Ms. Keyworth!!! (well... not anymore heh) I was so shocked to see your letter haha but i could tell it was you as soon as I opened it! I'm so happy for you and the picture looks amazing!

Thank you most of all to Nicole though, for putting all that together, that was awsome, your amazing, and thank you so much for the shirt haha and the CD! and just.... everything!! man, I love all you so much, looks like you all had fun at mike's whatchamacallit, good to hear.

Thank you

Today at work duties Simon (Aussie) and myself drove to this part of perth to try to get rid of some junk, we drove around forever, took some risks only to find out that it closed 30 min before we got there.... grr

I love this DTS, and I wish you guys could all be here doing it with me, it's life changning, and only in the positive way, Revelations like nuts... and just.... wow, i would reccommend this to all of you in less than a heartbeat. I don't regret a second of this.

Weekend now... I need to get a book report done, hopefully go to the beach becuase I havn't been there in forever and i want to go, i'm sereoulsy contemplating buying a surfboard.... and tommorow i might go over to our School leaders place. (Caleb Brownhill) he announced the other day he's having a baby, which is really awsome, I'm pumped for him.

The last few days have been really good for my patriotism, I've been having so many of my habits classified as "Canadian" even my sarcastic humour which not all the americans particularily appretiate, but it's still Canadian so to me and the others, it's all good. We understand it.

Thank you all again so much, i've been showing you off to all my friends here haha "This is Michelle, and this is Danny, and this is Mike, we've known each other since we were born..." etc etc etc


(Laura Degraff! I need to get a picture of a person here for you... he looks exactly like Warren!)

Peace up
A town down.
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