Monday, November 27, 2006



I seem to have lost my Thursday Zip up.... which is needless to say, very dissapointing.

This morning I washed my Jeans for the first time since I got here... excellent.

Our speaker this week is this Argentinian guy (Alexandro Rodriguez) who has a translater just so he can get his points across much quicker a nd much more fluently without having to search for the "perfect word". It's pretty cool, really good speaker, AND it's funny when sometimes instead of talking to us he just turns and talks to the guy who is translating (A staff at YWAM). It's good.

Went swimming at sunset yesterday in Ocean, pictures later.
I really...really want to buy a surfboard,,,,, decision later

Annnnnd, oh! myself and some others almost got into a fight with some drunk little punk last friday, but we didn't provoke pr respond, so he couldn't really do much... more updates later :)

Okay! so what happened was on friday is I was talking with his Muslim guy (Adiel) from Pakistan. We had been talking for a while and we kept talking till 2am haha he was so interested in EVERYTHING I had to say, it was amazing!, BUT anwyays while IU was tlaking to him and some friends were there as well (Chucky, Chris, and Eric) and this group of drunk teens came up and started hanging out nearby. I guess one of them had a problem with my face because he kept yelling at me telling me to stop smiling, and then cussing and saying I was showing him disrespect. Anyways... he got mad, came up to me and was all up in my face, I kept my feet feet planted and didn't move even when he slapped me and would put his fist up against my face. Then Chucky, (our amazing Samoin warrior) got up and told him to get out of here we didn't want to start anything, and this got the little twerp even MORE upset so he started getting all up in Chucky's face telling him to sit down before he calls up his brother who will stomp him down. blah blah blah

Anyways... all's well that ends well, he got freaked out by the Bible, and left us alone HA. When he saw Eric's he was acting like it was some sort of disease.... funny stuff.

What else..... I just saw a guy this morning who I thought looked like Chuck Norris

And i realised I need to put more pictures up on this thing so that I can remember more stories of my escapades.

OH! On Sunday we had a car wash to raise money for outreach. haha I held signs all day at the intersection and had people giving me money just because htey htought i was funny. People coming to the carwash were syaing "that guy over there is great" and all sorts of awsome compliments from nice aussie drivers. It was sweet, i had some people laughing so hard they were hitting their steering wheels at the red light.

So much fun.

Peace up
A Town Down.


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