Tuesday, November 07, 2006


This is going to be short....for you Danny.

Okay, so it seems like everyone is kind of interested in how the school works.... alright, well every morning we have to be up by 6 for morning excercise. This maintains confidence that during outreach we will be able to be disciplined enough to be up and ready to start working. Some friends and I have started playing Ultimate Frisbee as our morning sport and it has become one of the more competitive games played in the morning (if not THE). The other day it was myself, Jimmy (Hemi, James, i switch around), Adrian (German, you havn't seen pictures yet, i'll get some) and this girl star (just becuase we had to) vs. like 10 people. We won.

After that we have a bit of free time till 8:00 when we have to do chores around the base, this switches up every few weeks and doens't last too long, then by 9:30-10:30 anytime there it is time to go to class. Our classes take place in..a classroom? at the base, it is cold but good becuase it keeps you awake... other than the large map of the world on the wall, the room doesn't have too much to keep you awake... except the speakers...*cough*.

heh... Fun with Macs Mike! I want one so badly now haha it is the sleekest computer ever.... i've been using a friends "MacBook" anyways enough about that

Classes end at about Lunch time, usually cut into it so then we eat, then it's work duties time. Everyone has a work duty ranging from Media (Graphic art for the website www.ywamperth.org.au etc) to Garden work. I'm on property which is the labour job, everything from carpentry to welding, building to tearing. The work duties have two main times...1:30-3:30, and 3:30 to 5:30, the time you don't have shift is free time, otherwise your working. Then it's dinner time and we eat... food that varies but overall we all like it, then the evenings are basically toss up, every night is different,
Monday is more lectures,
Tuesday is "small groups" (i'll describe that in a bit),
Wed is the free night,
Thursday (heh) night is "outreach" where we go out into the city and such to talk to people about everything from what Ywam is, to Jesus, to what batman movie is the best (WHAT? JON'S AT A CHRISTIAN THING? WOAH WOAH WOAH) , i'm on a "skatepark" team...the best I think.
Friday is... i can't remember to be honest.. thinking... thinking...oh yea, free night except the Base puts on a friday night service so we go to that.
Weekends are free except for weekend duties that kind of cycle so you only have it a few times

there, so that was the itinerary, now "small groups" is essentially your "pod", there are a bunch of staff in charge of our school (DTS 'classic' as I call it, there is Sports DTS, Surfers DTS, BSN, SOW, etc etc many schools here) and every leader has a bunch of students who they are more personally in charge of. So once a week we have a "one on one" with out leader where they just check up on us i guess.... or something, and then on tuesday we do stuff as a little group, go into town together etc. (Chris is in my group, It's his Mac)

This week we are learning about "Lordship", Now, for those of you who arn't interested in hearing about "Christianity Stuff"... keep reading HAH. Essentially Lordship is about understanding that in the scheme of life, nothing should come before God, which you would think is a given.. but actually goes quite a bit deeper. It's about being willing to lay down everything if God was to ask you to, and although that at first may sound like some kind of suicide attempt "What?? Give up EVERYTHING i've earned and worked for?" you realise that so many people who have... have received so many blessings as a result (modern day people, i'm not just talking about "bible stories" for you cynics out there). Anyways, I won't go into a large thing about religion, religion vs. science, whether you believe religion is a "crutch" etc right now, becuase i'm writing a blog not an essay or debate BUT I'm completly open to hear any critisicm from any readers, communication is key for friendships, and I'd love to discuss and hear what you have to say about any of these things (and i'm nottt going to just argue my own opinions, i'm too much of a diplomat (as a previous speaker told me) who knows.. my opinions might be closer to yours than you think..dun dun dun). FUN!

Anyways, this weekend we're going into the outback as a school to go camping, which is cool. My school leader Caleb Brownhill actually did his DTS in Westbank (Kelownas YWAM is down at green bay), and then did his outreach to both Tofino and Fiji. cool.

Well, thats all i can think of... I need to go the washroom (or Thunderbox as the Aussies call it), so i'll wrap this up.
Oh! went to this thing called "Church together" on sunday night, it was allt he churches in perth coming together for one HUGE service/concert. 5-6,000 people all packed on this field with fireworks (nice ones) good concert of this band called "Hillsong United" (United is important, i guess "Hillsong" is a bunch of old people, Hillsong United is the younger ones, really good show!

And that's that.

This picture reminds me of 'Mallrats'

(Too much fun with Mac's Mike...)

Love, Jonathan
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