Monday, November 13, 2006

Take this Day,


So, last weekend the entire DTS (the name of the school I'm in) went to this campgroudn for the weekend. We were ending our week on lordship there and friday night ended late after a long time of "application" as it's called. Anyways, on Saturday we (I) spent most of our time down by this awsome little river that was beside the campground, and jumped in swam etc etc blah blah. Jumped out of a 30 foot tree branch etc. And that was that.

Oh! But, another crazy "is that God talking?" story starts now, okay, after a friend of mine (Jordan) jumped out of the 30 foot tree he took off his shirt in the water. (We were wearing shirts becuase the climp up the tree was pretty scratchy). The shirt sank immediatly after he took it off down to the bottom somewhere of this 10-12 foot deep river, and everything down there was pitch black (the water had a greeny tinge to it because of these "tea trees" all around it). He was a bit choked becuase it had been his favorite shirt, so I offered to dive down and try to find it. I looked for about 20 min (with goggles) and even got the help from another person just diving up and down up and down in this river trying to find this dark coloured shirt, but to no avail. We had scanned and gridded the entire area, and even prayed that we'd find it...nothing. Finally after about 20 min I gave up becuase my lungs were burning from all the diving up and down continuously and i made my way back to the shore. When I got back to the shore I looked back out to the water and then suddenly in my mind a pinpoint location was made, and my eyes focused on a very very specific spot on the waters surface and then this voice in my head....(for those dedicated was the same sounding voice as the one in my 5 in the morning talks) tells me "Look there" so i figure....meh, why not. So i swim out to that specific spot, that exact spot that had been pinpointed and then I dive straight down.... The shirt was right beside my feet when the hit the bottom.
True Story, no Exageration.

Sorry that this blog has been lacking on the updates, internet is not so good here, so please forgive me everyone.

Happy Birthday Mike

This week in class the lectures are on "Submission and Authority", really interesting week. Our Speaker is Andy Lim, our Regional Director for YWAM. Very wise and humble man, really good speaker (Quite different from Mark Parker last week, probably one of the most intense human beings I've ever met.)

When I get a chance on a computer that is not quite so slow, i will do my best to update with pictures. But as for now, that is all the news i can think of

Oh wait! haha I almost got Mugged last week. haha, alright, last tuesday i was out in a part of the city called Mt. Lawly with our small group. As we were walking back towards the base, a friend (Chris) and I ran into a music store to look at movie posters. When we got back out, our group had moved out ahead. So I say to Chris

"Lets run up a back alley or something, and get ahead of them so they will see us and be confused"
Chris then asks "why would we run up an alleyway" appropriatly I responded with "So we'll have a good story to tell"... little did I know. So we find a backroad, and start to run around the block until Chris notices an actual alleyway going behind a restraunt or something. We begin to run down the alleyway until a big white van with no windows at the back begins to drive down the alley towards us. We move to the side of the alleyway and stop running so that we can get past the van (Narrow alleyway). As we approach the van I hear yelling inside "GET OUT GET OUT NOW", I assumed it was people fighting inside) anyways, as we begin to pass this van the doors slide open and 6 guys and 2 girls come speeding out, one of them coming around the van to head me off before I could get around. Actually pushing me back with his hand so that we were both surrounded in a circle by them all. One was jumping around and the one who pushed me began talking really fast "Why are you two running down the alley? Did you steal something? You don't run that fast unless you've stolen something, did you steal hash? you guys got hash? what are you guys doing back here? you wanna get robbed? whatcha got? these guys look like they want to get robbed" and they all started to move in closer, one of them getting all up in chris's face. We played dumb tourist and acted like we were so confused we couldn't answer the questions. These guys were looking for a fight and would get all up in our faces trying to provoke us, but we stayed calm and even when they moved in and threatened to take our stuff we stayed calm. The "leader" then lost intrest and shoved past me grabbing Chris' hat as he left saying "**** you guys, I'm taking this hat"
He then grabs Chris's black LA hat and walks off, while his "posse" followed him all swearing and obviously quite proud of their accomplishment of the evening. Chris as obviously choked and he just began to walk away in silence (he wears that hat every day) and as the 'gang?" started to walk away I got and the attention of one of the girls who was walking at the back of the group and said "Hey, we're not even from around here... is there any chance we could get his hat back?" the girl then said "oh? your hat got taken?" "yea... he just grabbed it off his head" "oh okay just hold on" so she goes around the corner after the guy we hear the 'hat thief' describe what he thought of us in a few explicit terms then the hat comes flying back into the alleyway. Chris walks over to it, picks it up, puts it on then goes "thanks bro, see you later" (very cheeky) then we run to catch up with our group... who were talking about kangaroo's or something...

WOAH! (Crikey?)

I'll update more often I promise, it'll become a daily to semi daily thin
g, but the posts may not always be so exciting....ish.

Oh, okay, for those of you who are reading who do not quite understand what YWAM is, it's a Missions organisation, so Missionary work. I am not in Australia for the entire 6 months, On December 27th I will be leaving Australia to go to Fiji. I will be in Fiji until end of feb, where I will then come back to Australia to work with this Huge international tour thing called Impact World Tour

This is my current "Job". It's the Property shed on base, everything in there has been donated from various places becuase YWAM pretty much has to live off of donations. The people in the picture are James (kiwi far) and Eric (close, american) Eric is on my outreach team to go to Fiji. It is Eric, this other guy Chucky

This is where I eat. Plain and simple, this is the Audotorium, it is essentially the "meeting place" there are two floors ish... same room, two levels? and they are used to help the Friday night service that YWAM hosts.

This is where I sleep. It looks messy.. it's not always that messy. Top two shelves are mind, and it is wha
t I live out of. Top is for clothes, bottom is for food, paper/pens/books, toothbrush toothpaste etc, and such.

And thats that, I'm off to get some things done. I'll post again soon (PROMISE) so thank you for reading thus far and please come back.
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