Friday, November 17, 2006

Outreach Details

This is it.

So as many of you readers may know, come Christmas time I will no longer be staying in Perth but rather going onto the "Outreach phase" of my DTS.

My Country that I am going to is Fiji, however, there is an extra catch to what I am involved with...

YWAM calls it the "Summer Of Service" which is much like an extended "missions summer camp" idea. This will take place in Perth at the base from December 27th to January 2nd for preperation and then 5 days for the orientation and getting the youth (mostly u-17 year olds from my understanding) ready for Fiji. The SOS also applys to the DTS outreach team that is going to Indonesia. Myself and the rest of the DTS outreach teams are Staff for the SOS, so essentially we are getting a quick crash course example of what it would be like to be staff for the DTS itself.

Once the Perth time is over, the SOS outreach comes, that goes from January 6th to the 20th. That takes place in the Village that we are staying in for most of the time, building homes, churches and working with an organisation called "HOMES OF HOPE" that works with Women who have been victimized by Rape and other such injustices.

That outreach lasts till the 20th as I said, but then our leader, Joe Marino, heads off back to Perth with all the SOS youth and we are on the island alone for a few days, we continue to work.

When Joe gets back we continue to work in the village and possibly we may do some island hopping in which we Promote that IMPACT WORLD TOUR that I have mentioned before.

After Fiji we come back to Perth and work at the I.W.T.

And that is all I know for now, I also will be getting some forms for fundraising things that we will be doing that they would like us to send back to home and possibly get some help with funds. But I won't focus on that topic right now.

Chucky (Chenaniah) wanted me to say that my team is humbled by having his presence on the team. We are all so glad to have a person like Chucky in our lives and without him this outreach would not be the same.

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